The Daily Rail: KFC’s New VR Training Game Is Totally Creepy

Friday, August 25, 2017


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HACK #098: Use Dryer Sheets to Remove Deodorant Stains from Restaurant Uniforms

We like our staff to look the part, but what we don’t want is for guests to notice how hard our staff is working based on those white zebra stripes smudged under their arms. Here’s how we take care of that.




Caught Red Handed (Literally)

Food safety is the most important concept in restaurant management, especially with Chipotle’s recent problems. This video of a Carl’s Jr. Franchisee owneryes owner – will make you nauseous. In the video, the owner commits multiple atrocious health code violations all while preparing food BOH. Warning: you might not make it all the way through.


Not So Sushi

Two Starbucks locations in Chicago are currently testing a sushi burrito, that doesn’t actually contain any sushi. Instead, the burrito contains slow-cooked shredded chicken rolled in sushi rice and wrapped in seaweed. If all goes well in testing, this no sushi, sushi burrito will be introduced to many more locations.  


Rise of Alternative Restaurants

The restaurant industry is changing at a rapid rate. Most recently, alternative restaurants have become popular, which unlike the traditional brick and mortar, is more of a pop-up concept. A 23-year old college student has taken this idea to heart in transitioning from dorm room chef to rapid pop up restaurant manager in multiple cities. Take a look at how he has made the turnaround.   



Why it matters to you: Google and Walmart have teamed up to compete with Amazon.

Competition among the biggest companies can teach us ways in which to best reach our customers. Most recently, Google and Walmart have teamed up in an effort to take down Amazon as the largest online retailer. Beginning in late September, Walmart shoppers will be able to shop for their products via the Google Home virtual assistant (Alexa’s direct competitor). Shoppers will be able to link their Walmart accounts with Google to help bring traction to Walmart’s products, while also introducing Walmart shoppers with Google Home. These two companies teaming up are taking a clear beeline for Amazon, whose Alexa device is controlling over 70% of the market.

In addition to using voice, the device’s “easy re-order” feature will allow customers to quickly reorder large quantities of essentials, including toothpaste and shampoo brands of choice. The push to compete with Amazon isn’t throwing off the company, as after the Whole Food purchase, Amazon plans to launch meal kit services which are projected to take a bite out of restaurant traffic in the near future.  This Walmart-Google deal is extremely telling about modern shoppers and how voice activation is quickly rising in popularity. For restaurants, operators need to remain alert to industry trends that signal how big companies are trying to approach their customer retention and how modern technology is working to their benefit.



Why it matters to you: Creepy Colonel Sanders is now your training model

We have often encouraged our readers to meet their staff where they want to be engaged. The new normal for millennial staff comes with an expectation of the newest technology being included. So, when KFC announced their new training VR game, who wasn’t excited and interested to see what it looks like. Well, if you want to see, click here and check out the video. It’s totally creepy and a bit kitschy. A new trainee is locked into a virtual room until they can complete a series of chicken prep and cooking tasks.

The idea is actually fascinating. Training staff in a VR environment can deliver info more efficiently, reduce new employee mistakes and waste. While this is probably a great idea, it’s a bit of a stretch at this point. Few of us can afford the resources to create these assets and deploy them in our restaurants. However, it does demonstrate that there are real opportunities to improve and augment training via technology. Think in terms of wearables like Google Glass, where a trainee could be monitored by a trainer remotely as they work, but donning the techy specs. It may not be here now, but it’s totally coming to a restaurant near you soon enough.

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