The Daily Rail: When and Where the Solar Eclipse Will Be Visible

Friday, August 4, 2017


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HACK: Four Ways to Pair Your Chicken Wings with Football [Sponsored Hack]

What goes best with football season? Hot, tasty chicken wings. Here are four ways sports bars can enhance their tailgate menu for the NFL and NCAA football seasons.




Eclipse Commercial

On August 21 the solar eclipse will be visible from multiple states in the US. During the eclipse, CNN will debut a live Vulva commercial using four cameras in different locations across the country to capture each perspective. Here is a map of the states and times the eclipse will be visible.

Baby Calf = Gene Simmons

There is a common trend where pets sometimes look identical to their owners. A baby calf at a Texas farm is making its way around the internet for its stark resemblance to Gene Simmons. When Simmons caught wind of the baby calf, he tweeted the picture calling out the resemblance.


Do It for the ‘Gram

Left and right restaurants are changing their design and décor to appear better in Instagram pictures. Even crazier, many establishments are seeing a rise in profits because of it. Restaurant Business Magazine has four hacks to create an Instagram-friendly restaurant.



Why it matters to you: Delivery drivers are like servers with way less supervision.

As if the decision to add delivery to your business isn’t complicated enough, a story about a delivery driver threatening a customer isn’t helping. A pizza delivery man contacted through the app Postmates has threatened a customer that didn’t tip. The driver, after not being tipped, wrote a 4-page screed complaining about women, Jewish people and most of all the specific delivery customer that didn’t tip. He actually threatened to rob her if she didn’t tip him the ‘next time’. Inherent in choosing who will handle your delivery is determining the professionalism of the overall organization you choose.

Big players like GrubHub and Foodler are more likely to vet their drivers and offer training and behavior standards. So, unless you plan on managing delivery yourself, you truly must ask all the right questions about any platform you consider for delivery. Remember, they are the server your guest will interact with during their delivery transaction. While you may not employ them, your customer perceives them to be associated with you. Choose wisely, lest you get the joy of a story about your product delivered by an angry and aggressive guy who threatens more than just your business’s reputation.



Why it matters to you: Marketing on Instagram doesn’t need to complicated.

Many service-based businesses are having trouble advertising on Instagram. One of the main problems when it comes to social media marketing is that services are not easily photographed. The main idea to keep in mind when posting content on Instagram is to convey your business’s story through images. While it may seem that product-based business may have an easier time promoting themselves, there are multiple techniques that can be applied to both. Entrepreneur provided six ways that service-based businesses can market on Instagram, providing ideas and concepts that will aid in creating engaging content.  

People love to follow brands that they find valuable in some way. One tip is to show the process behind your business providing your social media viewers with an inside look. Restaurants can use this concept to demonstrate how new dishes are made or post fun pictures that show staff having fun. People like to support businesses that they can feel a connection to as well as brands that can make them laugh. Marketing on Instagram doesn’t need to be as complicated as many make it out to be, and there are many tips that will make the process much less intimidating. At the end of the day, many of these tips can only help bring people into your restaurant.