The Daily Rail: The NYPD Boycotts Dunkin' Donuts

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


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SPORTS: All Sports Are Social… And Our Web Widget Helps

For years our subscribers have had the ability, via our Web Widget, to include on their website exactly what they can show for sports. Our newest version takes that to a whole new level and allows you to easily filter your programming to be exactly what you want to publish.




Viral Salad

Sometimes it can be hard for restaurants to cater to vegans. A photo of a salad from a restaurant that serves vegan options has gone viral showing a very sad looking dish. The customer’s meal had some cut up tomatoes and some raw onion. Apparently, vegans eat more than just raw veggies.


Bra Sized Discounts: Not Okay

In incredibly sexist stories, a Chinese restaurant has come under fire for offering discounts to women depending on their bra size. Even worse, there is an advertisement (that has since been removed) showing the list of discounts relating to cup size. Apparently, this had happened in China before, where another restaurant gave discounts based on the guest’s weight.


Wall of Beer

A popular craft brewer has announced its plans to build a bar on the US-Mexico border in protest against Trump’s wall. If all goes as planned, the BrewDog bar will be half in Texas and half in Mexico and will serve Mexican beers on the US side and American beers on the Mexican side. Bringing differences together, one beer at a time.



Why it matters to you: Is the customer ever wrong?

It sure feels like chain operators are constantly apologizing for some offense they shown a specific class of guest. When two NYC officers entered a Bed-Stuy Dunkin’ Donuts, they were met with a less than stellar service experience. They claim a staff person muttered, “I don’t serve cops” and left them to be ignored. This obviously infuriated the officers, causing them to call for a boycott of the Dunks. The head of the NYPD Detectives even issued an order that no one should bother visiting again until they properly apologized to the entire department.

It turns out Dunkin’ Donuts ain’t havin’ it! They pointed to police standing at a spot where the Franchisee doesn’t deliver service and expecting to be recognized. However, the company issued a tempered apology for the service lapse. Do you think they have a responsibility to make that ‘mea culpa?’ Sometimes, it’s a fine line between guests being intentionally difficult and our service falling short. Knowing which side of the line to be on can be a difficult task. For now, DD seems content to stay on their side of the line.



Why it matters to you: A new app connects restaurants to instant service professionals when something breaks.

Most restaurants have experienced the various challenges of everyday operations. Usually when your business has one setback, such as a broken oven or receipts not printing properly, your staff instantly in the weeds. A new app called Humrun is designed to solve that problem by allowing restaurants to better manage their equipment and serve as “the backbone of their business.” The app quickly connects restaurants with qualified technicians across over a dozen categories to assist in the event of an equipment malfunction. Humrun is estimated to save restaurants millions in cash lost from defective equipment experienced during a rush.

The app is designed to create a more efficient system for both restaurant owners and service professionals. Restaurant operators have the ability to connect with preferred providers, order on-demand services in urgent situations, and automatically document repairs and maintenance for their equipment. When an aspect of your operations suddenly breaks, chances are nearly every aspect of the business can be affected, which means there is no time for management to be on the phone looking for solutions. The app offers subscription plans to fit a business’s size and budget, allowing owners to quickly take control of their equipment which will most likely be a return on investment. Humrun is currently available to download on any iOS device and will soon be available on Android.