The Daily Rail: Don’t Let This Insane Video Happen in Your Restaurant

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


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STAFF: Are You Paying Your Restaurant Managers Enough?

Losing your restaurant's key management staff? It might be that you're not paying them enough. Here's how to make sure your restaurant's manager's salaries are right on track.




Average Age of TV Sports Viewers

Business Insider found that people viewing sports on live TV are getting older, whereas most younger viewers are getting their scores and quick hits on mobile devices. BI also found that the average age of viewers watching the NCAA tournament on TV was over the age of 50. The NBA and soccer audiences still have some of the youngest TV-viewing ages.

Things ‘R’ Not Looking Good

On Monday, Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy protection. More and more consumers are buying products online which has left the company with hundreds of millions in debt. The top toy company announced that its roughly 1,600 locations will remain open and will work with suppliers to ensure shelves remain stocked with toys.

Sandwich McGyver

After Hurricane Irma, many people have been without power for weeks. One family got creative and made grilled cheese sandwiches on metal shutters from the house. After wrapping the bread and cheese in foil, they stuck it on the metal shutters laying on the ground and waited for the sandwich to heat. Luckily, they got their grill up and running soon after. 


Why it matters to you: Once and for always, service dogs are 100% legal in all restaurants.

If after watching this video of a woman going berserk because she thinks a service dog in a restaurant is disgusting doesn’t raise your blood pressure, then you are better than we are. During a visit to a Delaware restaurant, a veteran and his service dog were subject to a temper tantrum by a diner because she was offended by the presence of the animal in the restaurant. To give credit where it is due, the people that she verbally assaulted and the restaurant management were both fairly composed. However, the whole thing was still incredibly disturbing.

To make abundantly clear, under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, service dogs must be allowed into anywhere that their owners have access. Watch this short video to better understand the rules surrounding your response to a person entering your restaurant with a dog. In brief, you cannot deny service to someone accompanied by a service animal, but you can ask what they are trained to do. The woman’s insane behavior notwithstanding, these animals are lifesavers and the more you educate your customers on their presence, the better. You can even get a window sticker that identifies your location as service dog-friendly.



Why it matters to you: Brands have begun filming ads using Snapchat Spectacles.

Marketing is evolving at a rapid rate, and many top restaurant chains are trying to keep up. With all of the platforms available to run advertisements, many brands are looking for the most up-and-coming techniques to incorporate into their existing strategies. This year, Burger King and Sainsbury’s have run the first ever Snapchat Ads shot entirely on Spectacles. Snapchat Spectacles are known as the high-tech sunglasses that record video from an integrated camera. Spectacles was released last year to shoot video from the wearer’s eye-level perspective.

This week, Burger King’s ad went live and appeared on Snapchat for National Cheeseburger Day whereas Sainsbury’s (the grocery store chain) featured their Spectacle ad in the UK. Both brands were the first ever to use this technique in their marketing strategies.

According to Adweek, the creative difference between Spectacles’ clips and other footage is in how the glasses capture video in a circular fashion. Overall, this seems to be a creative and dynamic way to reach an audience keen on the experience. Providing an eye-level point of view helps convey their message in an informal and Millennial-driven format that will generate attention. Restaurants can try similar techniques or even test Snapchat ads and track how they perform. Once you’re sure they are a good ROI, then operators can start getting fancy.