The Daily Rail: ‘White’s Only’ Stickers Appear on St. Louis Restaurant Windows

Monday, September 25, 2017


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SPORTS: Are You Carrying Your NFL Fans’ Favorite Beer?

Every great sports bar has a solid beer selection but is your sports bar carrying the favorite brew of your local NFL fans? Find out!




Chili’s Answers Your Life Questions

Chili’s corporate Twitter account will answer any of your difficult questions. It all started when one tweeter randomly asked Chili’s a healthcare question and they responded with an organized and informed response. Since then, Chili’s has been answering hard-hitting questions and offering advice about love life, financial advice, and even complex physics theories. See for yourself.   


Sending You Home with a Bartender

TGI Fridays will begin sending their bartenders to your house. The chain will be testing food and alcohol delivery by the end of November, as well as in-home bartenders. In the testing period, all orders will be made via the app with a “Yelp-like profile” for their in-house personal bartenders. If all goes accordingly, the system will be introduced by 2018.


‘Pardon My French’

Quebec’s language police – yes, a real thing – have previously banned the words grilled cheese and cocktails on any restaurant menus in the city in an effort to protect the French-Canadian language throughout the province.  Just recently, the agency allowed for the ban to be lifted so that a few anglicized words are allowed. Quebec’s language police are funded $24 million a year.



Why it matters to you: Racist stickers stuck to the windows of several St. Louis restaurants means you can’t avoid this conversation.

A recent acquittal of a white police officer for shooting an African-American man set off a huge string of protests in St. Louis, some rioting and lots of property damage. Most restaurant operators observe this and think, “How do I stay out of it?” Unfortunately, for restaurants in the St. Louis neighborhood called The Grove, they were met with a scary sticker affixed to their windows on Tuesday morning. It read simply, “Whites Only” and had the hashtag #BLM (Black Lives Matter) in the corner.

For the folks in this neighborhood that own or operate restaurants, they want no part of this political turmoil. It’s not good for business and it doesn’t reflect their views on who is welcome in their establishments. Whether it was the Afghani restaurant owner or the folks that operate Layla in The Grove, they say all guests are welcome and they serve/employ all manner of people, irrespective of race. This particular sticker is pretty confusing because its meaning could go in several directions. Was it a #BLM protester accusing these restaurants of racism or was it a white supremacist trying to indict #BLM. In either case, the operators we know want no part in this discussion and simply want to run their restaurants and serve their community. Who is representing them?



Why it matters to you: Uber may lose its license to operate in London leaving restaurants without UberEats.

With all the trouble that Uber’s been having in the recent years, their issues are only getting worse. The company has lost its license to operate in London because of the various problems that make the company “not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator license.” The main reason for not renewing their operating license stems from the company’s lack of reporting serious criminal offenses, and how it has handled background checks. The company is expected to appeal the decision after 21 days.

Uber claims to have 3.5 million users in the city as well as an UberEats clientele that could possibly be compromised. Overall, the company has faced criticism and controversy on multiple levels based on the behavior from co-founder and previous CEO Travis Kalanick as well as workplace controversies. Uber is no stranger to “workplace-misconduct.” Sexual harassment claims have led to the firing of roughly 20 employees in June. London’s restaurant scene could be affected by the potential loss of UberEats to their operations; time will tell whether the company will be permanently banned from one of their most popular cities.