The Daily Rail: Will Legalized Weed Kill Booze Sales?

TECHNOLOGY: How to Revolutionize Your Restaurant with Social Wi-Fi Multi-Channel Marketing

Online marketing may be where e-commerce thrives best, but there is actually far more potential for restaurants to leverage it with social Wi-Fi. In fact, it can even be argued that restaurateurs may have an upper hand when it comes to marketing online than any e-commerce store ever could.


Ridiculous Food Tech: 2018

From speakers with built-in bottle openers to friendly beer-delivery robots, here are all of the most ridiculous food tech introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 event.

The 7 Restaurant Customers You Meet in Hell

Most people that walk through our doors are pleasant and enjoyable people to have around. But once in a while we get hit with the less-than-so-pleasant guests. It’s part of the gig. Alas, if you get sent to the Bad Place after you die, you just might get stuck serving these servant customers for the rest of eternity. Oof.

Go for the Gold

NBC and the Olympics have teamed up with Netflix to show a two-part preview of this year’s Winter Olympics. Go for the Gold and Meet Team USA are both available on Netflix now through Feb. 25th. These would be a great feature for any sports bar to show leading up to the Games next month.  


Why it matters to you: As weed becomes legally available what will happen to booze sales?

Now that eight states and D.C. have legal recreational weed, a conversation needs to be had about how it will impact the sales of the most popular recreational drug known to mankind -- booze. A recent study showed that the presence of medical marijuana dropped liquor sales measurably. Of course, there are some assertions that disagree with the study, but overall it appears that booze sales will be lowered by the presence of legal weed. What we do know is that marijuana taxation is more profitable to states than booze, and that weed can endure much higher rates of taxation.

In Colorado, for example, 28% of every weed transaction becomes a tax revenue for the state. That number in 2015 was almost double what liquor delivered. As restaurant operators, we need to be aware of this trend. Unfortunately, there really is no response for our industry, but to stay tuned. Since weed is not legal to consume in public, that leaves restaurants on the outside looking as the use grows. You have to wonder if pot legalization is another contributing factor to the slower traffic we are seeing these past couple of year.


Why it matters to you: Travel tips, superfluous rules, food to avoid & good techniques to try to upgrade your seat.

Vice published a sort of exposé on the airline industry where they interviewed a flight attendant, and asked some burning questions we have all had in regard to flying. Tips for getting a free seat upgrade? Try dressing up, be nice, or even just ask. It’s is amazing how far manners and presenting yourself as a decent human can go sometimes.

Something to avoid, according to flight attendants, is the coffee. Airline coffee uses the same water that goes through the bathroom system and is not well tested and maintained (stick to bottled and canned drinks). Enjoy a cocktail on a long flight? The rule of thumb is one drink in the air is equal to three on land, and while it won’t deter most, a good practice while flying (and in general really) is to have a water in between each drink.

How about turning your phone off? That has to be for our own safety, right? As it turns out, it doesn’t. The main reason is essentially due to the fact that using phones mid-flight could disrupt service for people on the ground. The flight attendant in the Vice article also claims that nobody working the flight even turns theirs off. Personally, the breather from my phone is welcomed if only for a few hours; plus who wants to pay for wi-fi these days anyway?