The Daily Rail: Restaurants Would Be Hit Hardest if DACA Ends

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ALIENS? [Song]

Why it matters to you: With 19% of DACA recipients working for restaurants, it’s likely an issue that will affect your operation.

We love math at the Rail. And the math behind the end of DACA for our industry is compelling. Start with the 700K DACA recipients, of which 19% are working in restaurants, and you get almost 140K employees. Since there are approximately 14 million people working in the restaurant industry, that means nearly 1% of our labor force will be potentially dislodged from their jobs. Even if you don’t have DACA recipients on staff, a loss of that many capable candidates will wreak havoc on our labor markets. The problem is labor markets are already in chaos with record breaking low unemployment and competition for the same staff candidates with other employers.

The irony is that something near 60% of Americans believe that DACA is a good program and should be continued. While the politicians argue in Washington, the rest of us just want to run our businesses and take care of our teams. While there isn’t a lot you can do beyond pestering your Congressmen & women. However, if you are in favor of DACA, you can at least let your team know that you are there for them.

Check out what AT&T and Microsoft have pledged to support their DACA employees. We aren’t suggesting you emulate these enormous companies, but at least empathize with your own legally working DACA recipients and support them in staying in the only nation they have every known.

Goodnight Savory Prince.

Why it matters to you: Chef Paul Bocuse passed away at age 91.

 Chef Paul Bocuse was France incarnate: Simple, precise, displaying excellence and generosity. He was something along the lines of the first celebrity chef, though he had no TV show. He was known worldwide as the authority on French cooking. His importance cannot be overstated for the industry; he pioneered light sauces, minimal cooking times, and artful presentations which influenced the majority of restaurants we visit today. He was known as a hero to so many of today’s most influential chefs. Lyon-based restauranteur Christophe Marguin even said of Bocuse, “For me, God has died.” Chef Bocuse had a long, full life which has been consistently documented for better or worse, showing he was not afraid to take the road less traveled.

Although typically we have our own spin on these stories here there is no “but” about this one. We simply want to pay homage to one of the most important chefs of our time. It is not often a person like this comes around and we mustn’t let his passing fly under the radar. Rest in peace, Chef. The culinary world will not forget your contribution to our lives.