The Daily Rail: Are You Training Your Restaurant's Team in P&L Fundamentals?

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The worldwide social media advertising market was worth some 43.8 billion dollars in 2017, and accounted for 18 percent of the total digital advertising market. As this infographic shows, the U.S. market is by far the biggest in the world, having generated some 21 billion dollars. Around the world, mobile is more important than desktop targeted social media advertising.

Infographic: The Potential of Social Media Advertising | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

Death With a Side of Pizza?

Krause Funeral Home in Wisconsin is promising a free pizza party to anyone who would like to pre-plan their own memorial. More than 100 macabre folks showed up for the shindig. Perhaps staring into the eternal abyss is easier with a few free slices


Why it matters to you: It pays to train your team in P&L fundamentals

Jim Sullivan is a consultant/speaker/author who recently penned a piece for Nations Restaurant News regarding how to engage your team on cost controls. You should read it for yourself, but I am going to share two observations about it from my own perspective and experience. First, his assertions about connecting your team to your profitability is absolutely correct. The value of educating your staff on the realities of the P&L and how tenuous making profit can really be will resonate with your team and make them far better performers.

My second observation is far less kind and not the least bit forgiving. His tone represents all that is wrong with how managers see their staff. He laments the ill-advised behavior of a dishwasher and essentially calls out a server for not wanting to put her hand in a trash barrel. Much of the focus in the post is how staff is a problem that needs fixing. I would assert your managers are the ones that need fixing and if they aren’t leading then you can be sure their team is not following. A favorite cliché of mine has always been, “if you aren’t serving the customer, you better be serving those that do!” It’s up to your managers to observe, correct, and encourage the best behavior from the team. Yes, training is crucial, but if your managers don’t reinforce and hold their staff accountable, then you will fail, every time.



Why it matters to you: Large restaurant chains are ditching the corporate overtones in favor of more personable approaches and its resonating with consumers.

 Nobody these days really enjoys supporting large chains if they don’t have to. The experiences at these places for years was so anonymous, and you could tell that they already knew they had your money and didn’t really care about your experience. People started to catch onto this and then fast-casual chains like Five Guys and Shake Shack started killing the larger, faceless chains. However, these massive restaurant companies began to adapt and started to show more personality, like a creating an engaging social media experience, airing funnier TV ads, and seemingly just paying actual attention to their guests. It’d paid off bigtime.

Since making these changes, McDonald’s has seen their sales increase like the golden days. They’ve opened 1,000 new stores worldwide and are seeing growth the likes they have not seen for years. While we don’t expect that these fast food giants turning themselves around will hurt the ever-popular fast-casual chains, it will be interesting to see how it effects the competition between the two. I’m sure that this will all ultimately lead guests winning overall.