The Daily Rail: Guests Tell Restaurants What's Important but are Operators Listening?

SPORTS: 5 Alternative Sports TV Content Your Bars Should Show

Football. Basketball. Baseball. Hockey. Soccer. Every sports bar worth its salt shows these games. Your loyal patrons and irregular guests expect you to be showing these sports on the regular every day and night of the week. So how do you stand out? One way is to show sporting events and games that no one else does. Here are five off-beat and alternative sports to show at your bar.


Apple Juice vs. Apple Cider

Few things say autumn more than a glass of apple cider, but do you know how it differs than regular ol’ apple juice? It’s a bit… complicated. For some companies, there’s no distinction between juice and cider except the labelling (there’s no legal federal definition for juice & cider). Our home state of Massachusetts takes it a bit more seriously, defining what apple cider is (apple juice that’s not undergone filtration). The rest of the world, however, defines cider differently.

How Much Is Too Much?

Facebook’s foundation in 2004 makes today’s teenagers the first generation to have grown up with social media. And according to a report published by Common Sense Media, social media usage among teenagers has drastically increased between 2012 and 2018. A survey conducted in the U.S. earlier this year showed that 70% of teenagers (13-17) check social media several times a day, up from just 34% in 2012. More astoundingly, however, 16% of today’s teens admit to checking their social feeds nearly constantly and another 27% do so on an hourly basis.

Infographic: Teens' Social Media Usage Is Drastically Increasing | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

77 Pack

Natty Light is a gross beer that even college kids shouldn’t drink and yet… Anyways, Natural Light celebrating their birth year of 1977 by releasing a limited edition 77-pack – exclusively to the College Park, MD area. And according to one local liquor store, the retail price for this hexagonal package is a whopping $30. Maybe they can reuse the package to play Kan Jam or something after.


Why it matters to you: Declining traffic with increasing sales is all the reason you need to focus on your existing guests and their satisfaction. 

Last week we published conflicting headlines from a major publication about the state of sales in our industry. Once again, we offer you disparate views of the coming economy and this type of uncertainty should concern you. For example, the third quarter of 2018 was the first with all three months in positive sales growth since 2015. This is coupled with traffic declines in equal measure means that check averages are up, but guest visits are down.

These types of confusion in the data is not unusual, but you should know what it means to you. With household incomes stagnant and energy and other staples on the rise, consumers will have little left over for your restaurant experience. This doesn’t bode well for the long-term prospects of our industry and in fact the industry is changing faster than most of us realize. Whether it’s the explosion of fast-casual dining or the rise of grocery stores with well-made and presented prepared foods, your restaurants traffic is under siege. 

We suggest you take this information and apply yourself to maintaining what you have, rather than chasing a new and difficult to catch visitor. Loyalty and frequency are connected, and you should be doing all you can to make those loyal guests have ample reason to put you on their agenda. If you don’t have a loyalty program you can start one, but either way you have to continually prove to your existing guests, they are making the right choice by sticking with you.

[Source: NRN]


Why it matters to you: Guests tell us what’s important, are we listening?

We’ve been stumping for delivery for so long and now we know why. In a recent survey, Steritech, found 60% of consumers have ordered delivery in the last month. Unfortunately, our results as an industry have not been great on the consumer satisfaction side. In fact, 30% of consumers have had an order incorrectly taken and 80% of them blame the restaurant. That’s why it’s crucial you execute well on delivery or you can quickly kill your initiative. But those are the only revelations this survey delivered.

Guests have three top complaints they share on social media are quality of the food (23%), restaurant cleanliness (21%), and service quality/hospitality (18%). No real surprises here, but all of those should be easy to remedy. Since 58% of them are somewhat likely to post on social, only give them positive reasons to do so. The rest of the survey discusses the impact a clean restaurant has on your reputation and the likelihood a guest will return because of it. Conclusion there is that your guests really do care if your place is clean and well maintained. They notice the hard work and they make decisions because of it. And that is some good news for a change. 

[Source: FSRMagazine]