The Daily Rail: Are Restaurants Walking By Late-Night Profits?

PROMO: 4 Ways Restaurants Can Build Election Season Promotions

In just a few weeks the mid-term nationally elections will be held. Likely, you have been forced to assiduously avoid discussing your own political feelings with your guests over the past couple of years. Good news is, this election provides a rare opportunity to harness political interest for your own good. With national interest at record highs for this year’s mid-terms, why not run some fun promotions to encourage folks to visit you before and, after the election? Here are some fun and safe elections promotion ideas.


BK Goes Green for Halloween

Burger King has released a green-bun sandwich for Halloween called the Nightmare King. It’ll feature a quarter-pound of flame-grilled beef, white meat crispy chicken fillet, melted American cheese, thick-cut bacon, mayo, and onions – on the green sesame seed bun. This isn’t the first time BK has tried a tinted-bun. In 2015, they released a black hamburger bun that, reportedly, turned people’s poop green. No word on if the green bun will do the same, but only one way to find out.

The People's Champion

According to a new survey by Morning Consult, the most universally loved entertainer among people in the U.S. is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. When asked if they have a favorable or unfavorable impression of a list of famous entertainers, Johnson came out of it at the top, with the highest net rating (favorable minus unfavorable). The “People's Champion” ranked first with a score of 76%, ahead of fellow actors Jackie Chan and Will Smith who scored 70% and 66%, respectively.

Infographic: America's Most-Loved Entertainers | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Why No Miller?

So, there’s Miller Lite, MGD, and Miller High Life. But there’s no straight Miller beer. Ever wonder why? Well it did – for a mere two years. Miller Beer (sometimes referred to as Miller Red Label) was just a blip on the radar, introduced in 1996 and dissolved in 1998. Here’s a little more on the Miller history.


Why it matters to you: Another new ordinance from the DC City Council demands your attention

The Washington DC City Council has been busy these past few days. It started with their striking down of Initiative 77 and now they are implementing a requirement that all full-service restaurants provide anti-sexual harassment training. To be honest, we have only ourselves to blame. This problem has been lurking in our restaurants for years and with the ascension of the #MeToo movement it’s being addressed by government now. A similar ordinance was passed in New York City and all throughout California. Don’t be surprised when it comes to your community, too. That’s why it just makes sense to get ahead of it.

Train your team to understand the concepts in respect and consent that underlay any anti-sexual harassment initiatives. You can certainly do so formally and lead your community. There are plenty of training systems available that will ensure you can say with confidence that you have a system and method for managing these issues. This is also liability protection if someone claims they were harassed while in your employ. Much the same way some insurance companies require responsible alcohol service training, anti-sexual harassment training proves to the community you take these issues seriously and you are doing all that can. Oh and if you want to see how not to address #MeToo issues in your restaurant, check out the absurd performance of Oakland chef Charlie Hallowell.

[Source: Eater]


Why it matters to you: Are you walking past late night profit?

We work a lot of hours in the restaurant industry. So, when it’s our time to close, we move faster than Usain Bolt from the starting blocks. Which is why I know some of you will cringe as we discuss keeping your kitchens open later. Hear me out. How many BoH staff does it take to close your restaurant? If you answered all of them, then you why not profit from every minute they are in your restaurant. This list, from Food&Wine & Lyft, of the best late-night food in seven major cities is littered with the names of independent restaurants that cater to late-night diners.

Yes, there are difficult and frustrating guests during the late-night hours, but there are just as many hungry diners waiting to pay for your BoH staff to clean and reset your kitchen. Any line cook worth their salt is capable of cleaning their station in the face of food orders. You have to earn a reputation as a place for late-night dining. For example, if you are already open until 2am keep someone in your kitchen to feed those late night revelers. It can’t hurt to provide some fatty foods to help them mitigate their bacchanal and you don’t need your whole staff to cook a few items here and there. Market that your kitchen is open late and then keep it open late. Why let other restaurants attract your guests when they are hungry and your kitchen isn’t open?

[Source: Food&Wine]