The Daily Rail: Don't Forget to Focus on all the Good Your Staff Does

STAFF: How to Hire Best Kitchen Manager for Your Business

The kitchen is easily the most important space of any restaurant. It has to be well-maintained and properly conditioned per the standards you’ve set for your business. Thus, the issue of kitchen manager recruitment is not one to be taken lightly or casually.  So, you might as well go through all the details given below and check out the best way to hire the most appropriate kitchen manager. After all, your restaurant deserves nothing but the best, right?


Shelf Life of Candy

Halloween has come & gone which means one thing – Halloween candy sales! So while you run off to your local shops to store up on the spooky sweets, you should figure out how long you can store it before they spoil… like they’re gonna last that long anyways, amirite?

Christmas-y Enough?

Every year, America freaks out of the look of Starbuck’s holiday cup design (such as the plain red cup controversy of 2015). This year’s editions are released and come in a variety of designs reminiscent of candy canes, holly, a houndstooth pattern and a “stargyle” design. The question is: are these Christmas-y enough for some of the populace? We’d wager no, but time will tell! Check the cups out here.

Starbucks Holiday Cups 2018

NHL Aims for Europe

Go where the fans are. For the NHL, that means Europe. And while the NHL has played a few games across the Atlantic, they’re starting to turn their sights to better TV time slots. Specifically, the NHL is shifting weekend games more to the afternoon to attract European fans. A 2pm ET game is 8pm in parts of Europe. The shift has affected nearly 50 games for the current season.


Why it matters to you: Too often we see the faults of our staff, but there’s more to them than that.

When it comes to staff, we probably focus too much of our attention on their faults and not enough on their triumphs. But sometimes team members can surprise us with their poise, professionalism and grace. We should focus on that once in a while too. There are two current stories on the web exhibiting the best our team members can deliver. Let’s start with the Olive Garden server who connected with an 8-year-old boy who was having brain surgery. Drew Lewis met the Tommy as he was serving his family. Taken by the boy’s strength and resolve, Lewis determined he would be there when Tommy woke up for surgery. Nobody directed Drew; he just knew it was the right way to make an impact.

In a related exhibition of the quality of your teams, a Dunkin’ employee who was confronted by an angry customer. She was alone in the restaurant and serving another guest when a man waiting for coffee started berating her and swearing. She calmly asked him to leave and made clear she would call the police if he continued to be abusive. This prompted the man to begin swearing and calling the employee the N-word. With so many instances of this type of base response from folks that lead to racist statements, it’s amazing how composed the young manager was. She didn’t rise to the bait and simply waited him out. Her grace avoided an even uglier situation and she deserves accolades for her dignity and patience. Do you have a staff story that demonstrates their greatness? Please share it, we’d love to talk about them on The Daily Rail.

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Why it matters to you: As wing prices drop and sports-themed operators grow, are we seeing a trend?

BJ’s Restaurants has executed an impressive turnaround of sorts over the past year. They have seen sales and traffic growth, and just finished their best quarter in the last 7+ years. How did they do it? They focused on innovation in their menu and how they provide service. Their menu features midweek values, healthy choices, and happy hour specials, but much of their growth came from off-premise and delivery sales. If BJ’s success is any indication, 2019 could be a great year for sports-themed operators.

But innovation and specials aren’t the only method to improved success in our industry. Sometimes you have to get lucky and have things break your way. Such is the case for Wingstop, who reported improved profitability because wing prices have dropped 30% since last October. The dramatic drop in wing prices coupled with being an innovative operator is a great recipe for growing your business. If you follow BJ’s lead and stay creative and responsive to your guests and wing prices stay low, you have the right formula for continuing to grow your restaurant now and in the future.

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