The Daily Rail: Even Small Restaurants Can Benefit from the Restaurant Manager Apprentice Initiative

MARKETING: 10 Fresh Restaurant Marketing Ideas for the New Year

Marketing trends are evolving year after year. Getting your restaurant marketing strategy right is not always easy if you don’t know where to begin. For the new year, there are many trends that can be used to successfully to market your restaurant. These 10 fresh restaurant marketing ideas will help you stay on top of recent trends and are key to get the attention of new/existing customers.


Odd Way to Spend Identity Theft Cash

Hypothetically, if you were to rack up a $100,000 bill after stealing someone’s identity, what would you spend it on? Food? Clothes? Vacations? New car? Well if you’re this one bro, you spend it on restaurant equipment. It’s truly a bizarre tale of identity theft. Also, don’t be that guy.

“The Gift of Eggnog”

If you haven’t seen it yet, Samantha Bee’s holiday special included an amusing holiday period of celebrity charity singles “We Are the World” and “Do They Know It’s Christmas” – and it’s all about eggnog. Enjoy!

Weird Al vs. Hot Wings

The King of Parody, Weird Al decided to take on the challenge of eating increasingly hot vegan wings – while also telling some fun celebrity stories. We’re pretty sure he’s gonna die by the end of this video, though. 


Why it matters to you: Marisa Thalberg, marketing leader at Taco Bell, schools us on how to be authentic.

We often look down our noses a top the full-service restaurant world at our QSR peers. They don’t know service, we think. They don’t know good food, we say. But our self-assuredness may be misplaced if you listen to the thinking of Marisa Thalberg, global chief brand officer for Taco Bell. In a recent Fortune interview, Thalberg share some insights into how Taco Bell has transformed its image and become marketing and social media innovator.

For example, under Thalberg’s leadership the brand is pioneering something called Party by Taco Bell. She claims it’s the natural evolution of the Taco Bell Wedding. If you don’t know about the couple that had their wedding at the chapel inside a Taco Bell flagship restaurant in Las Vegas. The chain sees that their food is a perfect solution to catering needs for a whole gamut of demographics, weddings included. Another of Thalberg’s insights is on how to keep a brand authentic. They consider themselves the underdog and their marketing reflects that, even if they are a 7000 unit chain. We can all learn from a professional like Thalberg, so read the interview and let her inspire your marketing.

[Source: Fortune]


Why it matters to you: Even small companies can benefit from the restaurant manager apprentice initiative.

No, it’s not a new reality TV series hosted by Donald Trump. Although the apprentice program, his administration created along with the National Restaurant Associations Education Foundation (NRAEF), has been renewed for another season, so to speak. If you aren’t aware, the restaurant apprentice program was initiated by the Department of Labor in 2017 as a public-private partnership to support operators in developing staff members to become functioning managers in the hospitality industry. It offers direct training and subsidies for companies that participate.

When it comes to results, 94% of those enrolled in the program are still working at their initial assignment. Those numbers dwarf the retention numbers most operators experience with new managers and are a sign, this program is on to something. While this program was initially intended to help employers develop employees for their growing management needs, it is also valuable to small group and independent operators seeking to build their bench strength. In fact, one of our longest standing subscribers, Taco Mac, was the first chain to participate.

To learn more visit the NRAEF site created to get you rolling. We are confident your business will benefit and you might even develop managers sufficiently competent, that you can take a weekend off… ok, that might be ambitious, but certainly your business will operate better and that’s a win, either way.

[Source: RestaurantBusinessOnline]