The Daily Rail: Roman-style Pizza is the Latest Emerging Restaurant Trend

DESIGN: 5 Signs Your Restaurant Needs an Interior Fitout

Your restaurant will eventually need an interior fitout or a redesign. As the owner of the restaurant, it is your responsibility to know when that time is. Here are some sure signs that it’s time for a change.


Trillium Got Storrowed

Trillium Brewing has created a new Double IPA that pays tribute to a singularly Boston phenomenon. It’s called Storrowed, which is when a truck too big for Storrow Drive in Boston hits an overpass and gets stuck. It typically happens during Moving Season at the end of the summer, where 90% of the city packs up & finds new digs. Trillium had a fun marketing campaign leading up to the reveal. Salut, Trillium!

The Avocado Mafia’s Restaurant

We’re sure the dons of the Avocado Mafia will enjoy this. Shark Tank investors, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban, have dumped $400,000 into Avocaderia, an all-avocado restaurant based out of Brooklyn, NY. That’s gonna be a lot of avocado toast.

Gelato Worth Bleeding For?

People are injuring themselves while trying to open Talenti Gelato. The lids are soldered so tightly to the jars that they’re resistant to normal human strength. So people are getting…well… creative.


Why it matters to you: Korean food is really a melting pot of several cultures & is more than just BBQ.

Korea has been taken over several different times by a handful of countries, leading to an incredibly diverse combination of flavors and styles of food. The diversity of their cuisine is reminiscent of the countries gathering in Korea for the 2018 Olympic Games. Korea is well known for its basics these days -- the barbeque, kimchi, and those glorious fried chicken wings. But there is a world outside of those universally loved items that reflects more traditional Chinese, Japanese, American and other cultures beautifully. That’s why it is a perfect host for the Olympic games. Celebrate and learn from these cultures whilst never losing your own identity. Plus, nothing brings together all types of people like good food and drink!

While it is only semi-recently that Korean cuisine has penetrated the American market (outside of LA/NYC), it is most likely due to the fact that Korean food has not generally wavered under the pressure to alter its’ flavors, styles, or presentations. Hopefully with the worlds’ focus on Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics, more people will discover just how incredible their culture is along with the food. Korea cuisine is one of the best culinary adventures any of us will ever take.


Why it matters to you: Roman pizza seems to be the latest emerging trend in pizza.

Pizza is a flooded market. There are all types out there --New York, Chicago, Greek, Sicilian – yet, somehow, we are still finding new and awesome ways to consume and tweak this versatile dish. The newest way (for us) is Roman style, where the pizzeria or (typically) bakery makes long rectangular pies that are sold at room temperature by the weight and cut with kitchen shears to not disturb the toppings.

It is easy to see why this might catch on nicely in the US. Sometimes guests might want a little more than one slice but not quite two and/or want one but don’t care if it is hot or not because they are starving and in a hurry. Or maybe they are with their friends drinking some wine and want to share a bunch of different small bites with a diverse range of flavors and toppings.

It will be interesting to see if Roman-style can catch on in the already saturated market, but it seems different enough from the norm where it at least stands the chance to make way. What it will really boil down to is how will they stand out from the pack?