The Daily Rail: Why Aren't Restaurants Employing Immersive Technology?

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Rosé Vodka is Here

It’s millennial pink, 60 proof, and here in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s Rosé Vodka by Hangar I and combines your vices of rosé and vodka soda. Best part is that it actually tastes like rosé and is “less sharp than a standard vodka.”

iHEARu but Can You Hear Me?

iHEARu is a crowd-sourced app that helps guests rate the noise levels in restaurants and bars. Noise level is often one of the bigger complaints many guests have at establishments, to noise-rating levels could help build toward a more “ear-friendly” environment.

Youtube Inks LAFC

YouTubeTV grabbed exclusive English language rights for the LAFC, the new MLS team in Los Angeles. This is the first time a streaming service has signed a deal to gain exclusive media rights over a TV network. Approximately 18 LAFC games will air on YouTubeTV. The downside is the games will be restricted to subscribers in the LA market.


Why it matters to you: Why aren’t you employing immersive technologies at your restaurant?

 Our industry has always had a tortured relationship with technology. The vast majority of you agree that it improves profitability and gives restaurants a competitive edge, yet so few of us go beyond thinking about it.

While we appreciate its liberating qualities, we suffer from a paralyzing inertia when it comes to managing it. Yes, some sports-themed operators were the first in the industry to showcase HD TV, but how many of you still have outdate peer to peer systems (one TV, one receiver) or old school modulated platforms? We would humbly assert that if there is new technology available for the audio/visual component of your restaurant, that sports-themed operators should be first to that party.

Whether you install video based tabletops, substitute iPads for menus, or employ truly immersive technology as American Dreams Restaurant Group (ADRG) has done, it’s high time you revisited your A/V commitment.

It’s not just about easy access to viewing TVs. Let’s face it: there really are only 25 or so hours of sports programming that is captivating to your guests per week. That leaves upwards of 70 hours per week that you can be entertaining your guests with media delivered on your A/V system. You don’t have to wait for future technology; it is here today and waiting for you to get on board.


Why it matters to you? A nutritionist is claiming that pizza for breakfast isn’t…that…bad?

 Let us get this straight: pizza for breakfast isn’t the worst thing you could have? We thought that move would be reserved only for New Years’ Day sort of hangovers where anything goes to get yourself back into the realm of the living. Apparently Registered Dietician Chelsey Amer has your back. She says that an average slice of pizza vs a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories, yet pizza has the upper hand in protein which will help keep you fuller longer. To be clear: she maintains that it isn’t the healthiest option, but you aren’t signing your suicide note if you do eat a slice at 10am also.

That’s probably great news considering some of us probably woke up to a few slices of ‘za this morning to curb the Super Bowl hangover. We think this should come as a sign that our breakfast options probably aren’t the healthiest ways to start our days usually. The cereal options (at least all of the “good” ones) we pursue and consume are essentially just shaped sugar cubes. Most of the heavily advertised and consumed ones are more than 50% sugar by weight. Fifty perfect! If someone handed you a burger and said it was 50% beef substitute would you eat it? Maybe, but you’d also want change and until that happens maybe staying away from the Froot Loops and having the occasional breakfast Dominos isn’t worth beating yourself up for. Much….