The Daily Rail: The Decline of the Bar & Grill's Effect on the Restaurant Industry

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Better Life Index

People in the Netherlands enjoy the best work-life balance, according to recent findings by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Unsurprisingly, the most important aspect for a healthy work-life balance is the amount of time people spend (not) at work. The authors of the OECD's Better Life Index note that "evidence suggests that long work hours may impair personal health, jeopardize safety and increase stress." Not the best news if you’re in our industry.

Infographic: Countries With the Best Work-Life Balance | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Why Every Pizza Commercial Features the Same Toppings

We never really noticed this but pizza ads tend to feature three kinds of toppings – pepperoni; pepperoni & mushrooms; and pepperoni, mushrooms, green pepper, onion & black olive. And it’s been like this since the ‘80s. And the reasons why are pretty interesting.

CBS Sports HQ Streaming Launches… Soon

CBS Sports’ OTT service is slated to launch later this month. CBS Sports HQ won’t offer live sports at first, but will be more studio programming driven. CEO Les Moonves says the OTT service will offer news highlights and analysis differently than other networks but didn’t really dive into how. Anyways, here’s another sports stream service sports bars should look into if they want to expand their offerings and not just show SportsCenter a million times over.


Why it matters to you: Avocado wedding proposals are happening for some reason now…

Today in Whyyy? News, we have people proposing to their significant others using avocados as the ring box. The website Food Deco recently posted a photo of a pristinely-pitted avocado being used as a vehicle for the engagement ring. The poster admitted that it was her ring and was not proposed to like this but was part of a partnership with the World Avocado Organization that spurred the idea. By then it was too late. The idea went viral and there have been several instances of this actually happening both prior to after the post.

First avocado lattes and now this!?

Look, avocados are a wonderful food. They are nutrient rich, good for your eyes and heart, protect you from cancer and help detoxing which are all wonderful. They’ve even been said to lower you risk of depression which, of course, was a finding prior to avocado proposals and lattes being a thing. Now we can say they are unequivocally the cause of said depression…  We think this kid said it best.



Why it matters to you: The decline in interest of bar & grill type establishments is affecting chains across the board.

Chain restaurants like Applebee’s, Chili’s, TGIFridays, and Ruby Tuesdays were the staple fast-casual restaurants for a long time. They were the Chipotles, Five Guys, Shake Shacks, and Sweetgreens before they existed and ran the market. Yet with the emergence of these newer restaurants, the “old guard” fast-casuals have felt the burn and felt it hard for several reasons. Mall culture has been in rapid decline since the emergence of online shopping and malls are where most of these chains flourished. Who doesn’t remember the days at the mall and grabbing a bite to eat at somewhere like Johnny Rockets or TGIFs?!

Another major factor is the rise of independent restaurants combined with their takeout/delivery methods. People just aren’t dining-in like they used to, so the lack of bar sales is really gouging into these chains bottom line. Pair that with the fact that these chains just don’t quite have the same appeal as a Five Guys and you have a one-two punch.

Finally, the chains’ own mistakes account for a major loss of interest as well. They’ve historically focused too heavily on giving diners discounts. This has resulted in a lack of food quality in and the inability to hire/train better employees. Guests, in-turn, noticed. Is there a solution for the chains or is it just their time to buy the farm? We don’t know but getting back to the solid basics with an updated twist doesn’t sound like a bad start. They need to adapt to the changing market or go the way of the dinosaurs.