The Daily Rail: Here's Why Your Restaurant's Maple Syrup is so Expensive

BUSINESS: Are You Cannibalizing Your Own Sales?

We know you want your restaurant to give your guests the best value for their meals, but is your plate sizing cannibalizing your opportunities for bigger sales?

SAVE: Let Us Audit Your DIRECTV Bill and Save You Hundreds

When we sent you an email a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t know just how much we could save you guys. Well, there is no more mystery. Already four of our subscribers have taken the time to send us their DIRECTV bill and we reviewed them. In each case the subscriber saved $600 annually (at minimum). That’s $600 a year, every year, going forward. There’s just one question we have to ask -- what are you waiting for?

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Doritos to Make “Lady-Friendly” Chips…

Yea, this will end well. Doritos (aka Pepsi Co.) is planning to make some “lady-friendly” chips for women. Why? Because research apparently indicates that women don’t like to crunch loudly or lick their fingers in front of others. rolls eyes #fooddoesnthaveagender

Wanna Get Laid? Go Gluten-Free

Take this with a grain of salt, but the eight annual “Singles in America” survey by & Research Now have concluded that people with a gluten-free diet are 217% more likely to have a date, 172% less likely to have a “dry spell” and are 43% more likely to report they had an orgasm in the past year. But like, sure sex is awesome but have you tried stuffing a whole gluten-filled pizza in your face hole?

The Most Fun Bars in Every State

Sure, fun is subjective, but Thrillist has done their best to compile a list of the most fun bar in every state. Everything from super cheap shots in exchange for your shirt to bigfoot and chupacabras giving each other a hug, these are some wild bars. On this list? Let us know!


Why it matters to you: A barrel of syrup runs more than one of oil and it’s more of an issue than anyone could have thought.

A single barrel of syrup is roughly $1,300. That’s 26x more than a barrel of crude oil. That’s right, more than oil. And, because of this, fraud, theft, and deceit reign supreme in this (apparently) cutthroat industry. Most Americans unknowingly purchase and prefer fake maple syrup. Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Buttersworth, Hungry Jack and the like are the highest selling and most common brands that have exactly 0% actual maple syrup in them -- and it is due to the price.

A comparable bottle of real maple syrup to the fake stuff will run you around $15; 64 ounces of Aunt Jemima is around $6. It’s easy to see why most unsuspecting families would choose the latter to cut costs. The fake stuff is essentially artificial flavoring, corn syrup and food coloring, and is incredibly unhealthy. Yet due to the price difference it is hard for the real-deal Canadian stuff to compete in America.

So, what is the solution? Is there one? Seemingly not. Vermont produces around 40% of the syrup in the world with the rest coming out of Canada. That means Canada can control and set the prices of the syrup per barrel and limit supply if need be. The syrup always sells but these high prices are what gives the fake syrup such a competitive edge in the US. Until the prices become more comparable we will continue to be plagued by these imitation syrups.


Why it matters to you: Scientists have discovered a way to recycle human waste in space and turn it into food.

Scientists apparently don’t take the phrase “Eat S**t” as an insult. They recently developed a way to recycle human waste into food for astronauts (maybe now called ASStronauts) in preparation for a Mars mission. The cycle is a way to aid in reducing the energy necessary for growing food in an alien environment. Scientists collect the solids and liquids (gross) in a reactor where bacteria breaks it down, producing methane. The methane is then fed to more bacteria that grows rich in protein and fat. This process is called Methylococcus capsulatus and is already used today as a type of an animal feed. The end result is a sort of goo (gross).

This process could, however, aid in working towards assisting in solving world hunger. Though it isn’t the most pleasant looking stuff, this yield from a natural bodily function can be consumed directly or used to feed fish, insects, and other live food sources. In fact, in Europe it is already approved to do just that. Being able to feed animals and crops without the real means to do so is a massive step for space travel for one but here on earth it could have a much more immediate and drastic effect. Here’s to hoping that scientists are already developing a way to distribute the means to do just that.