The Daily Rail: No, Not that NRA; the Other NRA

STAFF: 4 Tips to Combat Sexual Harassment in Bars & Restaurants

Sexual harassment and assault in the restaurant industry isn't going away any time soon, sadly. But there are things you can do to combat harassment and create a safe environment for your staff and guests.


America’s Drunkest States, Ranked

Alcohol is always one of the better-selling items at any restaurant, but they sure do sell better in some states than others. Here’s a list of America’s drunkest states. We were surprised to see Tennessee, home of some fine whiskey, at the far bottom.

Shelved for Politics

ABC shelved a Black-ish episode over addressing the NFL players protests – and just when you were probably forgetting about the protests, too. An ABC spokesperson says there were “creative differences unable to resolve” over the episode. But what does this mean for the ABC/Disney/ESPN and NFL relationship? One that’s already super-strained.

Majordomo Media

David Chang is back at it in the media industry. A year after the folding of Lucky Peach, Chang & C0. Are embarking on a new media endeavor – Majordomo Media. The new media company will incorporate an editorial platform as well as podcast and video projects. And it won’t always be food-centric, it seems.


Why it matters to you: People keep confusing the National Restaurant Association and the National Rifle Association.

Restaurants and rifles can be very similar, a well oiled machine created for exactly one thing: for people to take people out. So, it should come as no surprise that -- all jokes aside -- people are confusing the the National Restaurant Association with the National Rifle Association since they share the same acronym -- NRA.

This mixup comes at a significantly more turbulent time could mean some serious threats being hurled at the National Restaurant Association’s way. While they aren’t as extreme as the National Rifle Association, they haven’t been exactly angels with some of the issues they have campaigned against.

Yet, all things considered, campaigning against the lowering of the legal BAC makes much more sense when your industry depends so heavily on patrons having a drink or two with a meal. Especially when they would be lowering it to the point where a 100 pound man would not be able to consume a single drink and then drive (not to mention women getting an even shorter end of the stick, of course). We don’t condone drunk driving, but this bit of legislation would be a near fatal wound for so many establishments. This change of legislation would also not help the policing of drunk driving, so at the end of the day, what is it solving?


Why it matters to you: Whole Foods released their predictions for 2018 beer & wine trends.

Every year grocery stores and restaurants try to predict what will be the newest trends for alcohol. Will it be smaller batch craft IPAs? Is vodka making a comeback? Whole Foods seems to have it’s own ideas this year. Mexican beers “are a trend” that has long since been underway, but Whole Foods is citing it as a reactionary “trend” due to IPAs and craft brews being such a force recently. People will want more sessionable beers that are lower alcohol content they can drink more of for longer (put away that 12% Double IPA) finally.

Next, they predict hard seltzer continuing its dominance in the non-beer/wine area and this is no surprise. They are light, low in calories, and with a decent ABV (what is not to love?). One of the final trends for this year is rosé. Expect to see rosé wines everywhere, rosé vodka, rosé cider; rosé will be coming out of everyone’s ears.

Who knows whether any of this will hold true or not but we don’t think it sounds far off. Stay tuned as we go!