INFOGRAPHIC: How Does Your Restaurant's Alcohol Safety Training Program Stack Up?

There are a myriad of statistics that prove alcohol is a very dangerous drug. As full-service restaurant operators, you manage the distribution, sale and control alcohol. Let’s face it, you need every possible advantage to do so safely. Among the most accessible and most effective advantages is having a staff trained in the many aspects of responsible alcohol service. In a recent survey, our readers shared their approaches to responsible service and, frankly, we are impressed.

Let’s start with the fact that 100% of our subscribers that completed the survey claim they offer safe alcohol service training. Our readers also confirmed that their staff is the most important aspect of their own program to ensure safe service is executed. The next logical question is, “If it’s so valuable, do you pay for your staff to access the training?”

The good news is that 95% of respondents said they either encourage their staff to get trained or pay for the training themselves. Only 5% of operators don’t see much value in it. To break it down a little further, 60% of you pay for your team to complete a responsible alcohol service program, but 35% only encourage their staff to be certified. Anyone of you that have experienced the backlash from an incidence of over service will confirm, getting your staff fully trained is your best defense.

There are a lot of training systems available, but by far the most adopted is the National Restaurant Association’s Serve Safe followed by TIPS. These programs can be done online and are reasonably priced.

At minimum, we strongly suggest you require anyone new that joins your team to complete an online class before they begin their job. This way you can be confident they are ready, not bear the cost and ultimately ensure your entire staff is trained in the proper methods of managing alcohol service in your restaurant.