The Daily Rail: Millennials Less Likely to Send Back Food at Restaurants

INFOGRAPHIC: How Does Your Alcohol Safety Training Program Stack Up?

Having an alcohol license is a big deal for restaurants but it's also a big responsibility. Here's how bar & restaurant operators are setting up their restaurant's alcohol safety training program. How do you stack up?


Are You a Bacon Defender?

A new video game looks to poke fun at Donald Trump’s proposed deregulation of the pork industry. The game is straight up ‘80s Space Invaders style, while educating on the regulation. Things like diminished scrutiny of slaughter houses from the government, and increase chances of food contaminated with feces, toenails, and hair. Play it here and godspeed.

Pro Bowling is Moving

The Professional Bowler’s Association (PBA) is moving their TV rights from ESPN to FOX in a multi-platform deal. Starting in 2019, the plan is for four two-hour PBA Tour shows to air on FOX channels. The PBA Tour has been on ESPN since 1979.

Techlash Brewing?

Facebook is currently facing massive criticism for its handling of the Cambridge Analytica affair, its stock price is tumbling and the hashtag #DeleteFacebook is trending on Twitter. Even before the most recent scandal, many people had started questioning whether the world’s largest social network might have gotten out of control. In a poll conducted in December by CB Insights, 59% of the respondents said that they expect Facebook to be considered a net negative for society in 10 years’ time.

Infographic: Techlash – Is Facebook Doing More Harm Than Good? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


What it means to you: Trump’s officials overruled the regulatory czar in regards to tip-pooling.

Trump’s Labor Secretary and Budget Director recently overruled the nation’s regulatory czar which allowed the administration to pass the controversial tip-pooling rule. This comes after Democrats, attorneys general and others in at least 17 states demanded the withdrawal of the policy. Opponent’s to the tip-pooling rule said it has blatantly unfavorable language towards servers and a lack of safety for employees versus their employers.

Under this tip-pooling rule, employers who pay their employees at least federal minimum wage, ($7.25 an hour) can make employees pool tips and easily steal the tips for themselves with zero repercussions. Employees who make under minimum wage are not included which, to be fair, is a sizeable chunk of servers in the industry. Although this doesn't make the policy any better and raises concerns to the treatment of employees in our industry. Hopefully down the line this tip-pooling ruling will be done away with but there’s little hope of that for now. We should all be pissed.



Why it matters to you: A study finds that Millennials are less likely to send food back in restaurants.

Anyone who has ever been to a restaurant with their family could’ve likely confirmed these statistics prior to the study being conducted but, 52% of Millennials say they feel very uncomfortable sending food back under any circumstances. An additional 15% of Millennials would never send food back under any circumstances. This is opposed to the 61% of those over 55 years old who say they are very comfortable sending food back.

We all know Millennial’s parents and grandparents usually aren't afraid to complain about anything and everything in a restaurant setting, usually much to their younger family members’ embarrassment. Sending food back is always uncomfortable and we believe that the Millennials discomfort is a reactionary effect of dining with and around older more complanitory diners.

This study also chronicled the top reasons why diners send food back and they are as follows:

  • served the wrong meal (85%)

  • food was undercooked (82%)

  • food had a hair in it (81%)

  • plate was not clean (80%)

To us it is always interesting and important to stay on top of these reasons so as to try to avoid them. Thorough and thoughtful operations will rarely have to deal with these issues. Any solid manager will try to better theirs’ and everyone else’s consistency because of this. Here’s to avoiding returned tickets!