The Daily Rail: The Rise of the Ghost Restaurant

INVENTORY: 5 Better Ways to Spend Your Time than Taking Inventory [Presented by Orderly]

Inventory can be a time-consuming mess. Getting your numbers is important, but it feels like it takes away from that growing list of tasks you have to do. What if there was a way to get all the numbers you need in a quick, simple way that doesn’t involve any counting? Orderly’s got that as well as the 5 better ways to spend your time instead of taking inventory.


The Cost of a Plate of Food

There is a massive disparity in the cost of basic nourishment around the world and when people go hungry, it is often because food is unaffordable. While people in developed nations tend to spend a relatively small share of their income feeding themselves and their families, those in poorer nations often have to set the bulk of their wages aside for food. The scale of the gulf in food costs was starkly illustrated by a World Food Programme (WFP) report which sought to measure the "true" cost of a plate of food across the world. The research measured the proportion of daily income that people spend on food in different countries before retro-projecting the ratio on to a resident of New York State.

Infographic: The Cost Of A Plate Of Food Around The World  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Heineken Pulls Racist Ad

Sometimes marketers are just oblivious to racist overtones of their work; other times they’re straight out in your grill about it. Heineken’s latest ad as a beer being slid passed three black people before making it to a lighter skinned woman with the tagline “Sometimes lighter is better.” Yikes. Chance the Rapper called out companies like Heineken for releasing overtly racist ads to boost views and exposure (see also: H&M’s “monkey sweatshirt”). Not sure how great idea that is, if true. You see the ad here for yourself.

The 10 Inalienable Rights of Restaurant Guests

Your guests are a blessing & a curse. When they’re great, they’re amazing; when they’re awful, it makes the shift brutal. Regardless, there are some things every restaurant guest should expect when they’re at your location. Can’t say we have any arguments with this list.


What it means to you: The rise in ghost restaurants means further saturating the market, and much more.

Delivery is big business these day. Millennial customers often prefer eating from the comfort of their own homes (well, apartments, really), and now that we live a tech-savvy culture, restaurant delivery apps are gaining a lot of steam. Enter the ghost restaurant, business that serve customers exclusively through online food delivery. We’ve previously reported on the rise of delivery-only locations and since then it has only grown. A huge factor is the drastic decrease in overhead. Think about it: high overheads kill so many awesome restaurants. It was only a matter of time that someone came up with a successful solution.

Restaurants’ success often depends on their locations. We have all heard “location is everything,” but imagine if it weren’t? Ghost restaurants can rent or buy spaces in completely undesirable areas for incredibly low prices and face no ill-effects. They also have the luxurious capability of being able to potentially operate several different concepts out of the same location without confusing diners. What does it matter? Nobody is coming in to eat anyway; it is all going out.Why not have a Japanese yakitori restaurant and traditional French bistro running out of the same location?

So, while it truly does open some interesting doors of possibility will it hurt traditional restaurants? It certainly could but with the idea still relatively in its infancy we will all have to wait and see.



Why it matters to you: Several uber-conservative groups say Girl Scout Cookies have a hidden message behind them and it’s absurd.

Have you ever been eating a box of Thin Mints and been compelled to begin a life of sexual deviancy? No? Us neither. According to the perpetually incorrect Liberty Counsel (and several other ignorant groups), Girl Scout Cookies promote a sexually promiscuous lifestyle and rampant abortions. Now, we cannot possibly understand what cookies and little girls have to do with these claims, but apparently that is where their minds jump to when they eat cookies given to them by children. Creepy.

Their issue apparently stems from the Girl Scouts’ relationship with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). The Liberty Council were quoted as saying, “WAGGGS aggressively promotes abortion and promiscuous sex on behalf of its 10 million members.”

The issue here is, simply, everything from content to epic leaps in logic. WAGGGS responded shortly after with this in an article in which they spoke to MUNCHIES:

“WAGGGS supports education on sexual and reproductive health, however we have no position on reproductive rights or abortion,” Megan Hunt, WAGGGS Communication Manager said. “To be clear, WAGGGS does not promote abortion or promiscuous sex.”

These groups truly need to find something better to do with their time than take issue with the Girl Scouts and WAGGGS. If anything, the amount of good they do/have done should be highlighted and celebrated. Lets get us some Samoas!