The Daily Rail: Zagat to Operate as a Separate Entity

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Secret Menu Items

Southern Living published a little insider info with 14 secret menu items to order at chain restaurants. Everything from Buffalo Wild Wings “El Loco” nacho-style wings to Dairy Queen’s frozen hot chocolate. Does your restaurant have any secret menu items?

DQ’d From D.C. Dining Awards

The D.C. Restaurant Association is pulling Mike Isabella restaurant nominations from their Dining Awards due to sexual harassment allegations. Isabella was on Bravo’s Top Chef Duels. Isabella’s departing chef, Michael Rafidi, is still eligible for awards, however.

March Madness a Feat for Advertisers

After an action-filled NCAA basketball tournament worthy of its nickname, March Madness culminated in the Final Four this past weekend. The love of college sports is in fact unique to the US and what better way to gauge the popularity of any sporting event these days than to compare TV advertising revenues. As this chart illustrates, March Madness is right up there with the big boy professional leagues in terms of post-season ad spending.

Infographic: March Madness Is a Feast for Advertisers | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: McDonald’s sees a sales bump after the introduction of self-order kiosks.

Let’s set the scene: You walk into a McDonald’s and there is a line at the counter, but notice there are kiosks with only one person at each. What do you do? Kiosks win every time. Much like the seasoned veterans of air travel choose them for speed and accuracy, soon will the seasoned (lol) veterans of Micky D’s. And it makes perfect sense. Guests get to input exactly what they’d like and exactly how they’d like it with one less middleman who may screw up the order.

This could evolve into a bit of a win-lose scenario for employees, however. If these kiosks work the way they should, the need for cashiers would drop dramatically. It phases out a significant number of employees and cutting down on overhead. Labor expenses tend to be businesses biggest expense. Restaurant operators won’t have to worry about pay or benefits with a machine.

So, are these kiosks a good or a bad thing? They have their benefits for sure, but we are certainly suspicious of them. We’d bet losing a few hundred thousand employees without as much as a hiccup would make the ‘cha-ching’ sound echo in the heads of franchisees the world over.



Why it matters to you: The Infatuation plans to keep Zagat as its own separate entity and bring back a few things.

 Everyone remembers the pre-Yelp days when you had to find restaurant reviews the old-fashioned way in a newspaper or your trusty Zagat guide. Well folks, those days are seemingly back. We previously reported that a company called the Infatuation purchased Zagat from Google to save the brand from extinction and create a “stronger, more meaningful alternative to other crowdsourced restaurant reviews.” Now the Infatuation plans to re-expand the guide books back to the dozens of editions (Google had slimmed it down to only one) we knew and loved and reinstate the 30-ratings system.

Who knows where they will go from here, but Zagat has always been a more trustworthy system than what we have these days with Yelp and the like. With any luck, they will increase their online presence as well, so that fans will not need an actual physical copy of the book around. We wish Zagat and the Infatuation the best of luck with their re-launch and future ventures. They’ll definitely need it.