The Daily Rail: Is Your Restaurant’s Honey Fake?

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What Happens When You Order Lobster at a Diner

“No one orders the lobster at a diner,” according to Saturday Night Live. Why? Well apparently we get transported back to Revolutionary France and lobsters start to sing Les Mis. Check the amusing video on the blog.

SI TV Launches

News sports bars should take note of. SI TV has launched as part of the sports plus package on fuboTV. It’ll have its own on-demand video library as well to the 24/7 feed. It’s also available on Amazon Channels. SI TV mixes long- and short-term documentaries, series, and studio programming.

How Much Booze Could Andre the Giant Drink?

Andre the Giant’s HBO documentary debuted last week, and the fine folks over at Thrillist decided to figure out just how much Andre alcohol Andre could down in a single night. And at 7’4 & 550lbs, the dude could down some serious levels.


What it means to you: The latest food fraud scandal is to do with honey.

Everyone loves honey. Put some in your coffee or tea, use it on some fruit, make it into a delicious and healthy salad dressing. The uses go on and on. So, why do we repeatedly hear about fraudulent honey then? Dr. Oz had an episode about it semi-recently. He discussed how fake honey is one of the largest global frauds affecting US families. The issue is Dr. Oz is also a full blown alien so who knows what we can believe (seriously look at how this guy eats pizza).

In the US they found around 14% of honey to be fake. This is relatively low when compared  to previous studies on food fraud that showed it can affect up to one third of people. However, globally, honey is the third most counterfeited product, so knowing how to protect your restaurant from getting scammed is a definite important bit of knowledge to have.

True Source Honey launched a certified labeling program to help companies and consumers ensure that what they are getting is real and legitimate. Will this completely stop fake honey from existing? Doubtful, but any attempt to curb the issue is a solid start though. Hopefully this system will save companies, restaurants and consumers millions in the long run. Now if we could tackle parmesan and fish fraud….


Why it matters to you: Drug testing for food stamps may be coming soon.

Anyone who has ever been broke knows how awful the feeling is. You feel helpless, lost, and trying to recover feels alot like swimming upstream. So to make this whole situation a lot more uncomfortable for everyone involved, the Trump administration is trying to implement drug testing to ensure they aren’t giving food stamps to addicts. This is pretty textbook Trump-type stuff here and misses the mark in terms of trying to help drug addicts and help the less fortunate while being wise with taxpayer dollars. These type of programs tend to cost taxpayers much more money than they actually save.

So will this ultimately end up being a real thing? We have our doubts as Congress on both sides of the political aisle have come out against the idea. 15 states have passed laws that allow them to drug test anyone in a safety-net program, though previous nationwide proposals have all rejected this type of plan. If this passes will it be a step towards Trump’s ill advised ‘Harvest Box’? Who knows but our government would have to be pretty clueless to let this all happen.