The Daily Rail: How Not to Respond to a Yelp One-Star Review

FOOD: “If You’ve Got My Fave Fries, I’m There.” [Presented by Lamb Weston]

We hear it from guests all the time. That’s because 41% of patrons go out of their way to find their favorite fry. How does your menu stack-up? To make your place a can’t miss fry destination talk to a fry expert at Lamb Weston


The Best Home Run “Trot.” Ever.

You’re supposed to act cool & collected as you trot around the bases after hitting a home run… unless you’re this Little Leaguer who really wants to savor the moment. Get ready for the lolz.

The Simpsons Apple Pie Recipe

In an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, Homer walks down memory lane of some good times baking with his mother. One of the memories is making apple pie. The recipe used in the show was actually created by LA chef & radio host Evan Kleiman.

Doxxed Over Ice Cream

It’s never OK to dox someone. Seriously. Grow up. However, some cases of doxing are more bizarre than others. Take this vegan bro who doxed a vegan woman for giving dairy ice cream to a crying child. It’s a dark, horrifying world out there, y’all.


Why it matters to you: A restaurant manager’s extreme response to a Yelp review shows everyone what not to do.

Yelp can be the devil sometimes. Restaurants can be killed by reviews. While most of the reviews are legit, there are those that may have no real grounds. On the other hand, it can be a great tool for diners to base their decision off of where to eat. Chances are if a place has hundreds of rave reviews it is safe to say it will be a good choice. Regardless of what someone writes about your chicken finger basket, it is rarely a good idea to confront them about it unless you’re looking to make amends.

Someone should have told that to this manager of a pizzeria in Virginia. He saw a woman’s 3- Star Yelp review and showed up to her house to confront her about it. The Yelper said she received two calls and a voicemail from an unknown number then pounding on her front door several hours later. She listened to the voicemail and realized it was the manager from the pizzeria. She promptly called the police who patrolled the area and guarded her from the manager-from-hell.

The restaurant’s Yelp page has since been flooded with more negative reviews combined with tone-deaf responses to them by the owner. It’s a huuuge mess. This just goes to show you two things: 1) don’t be a massive psychopath about reviews and 2) Yelp can kill your restaurant in no time if you engage with said reviews incorrectly.



Why it matters to you: Some slightly cringe-y new flavors came out of Oreo recently.

Today’s installment of Oh god why? Nobody asked for this! What did we do to deserve this? comes Oreo’s three new flavors. They present us with: Pina Colada, Cherry Cola, and Kettle Corn.

Now, we don’t know who they’re taking suggestions from, but they might want to reconsider their team. Does anyone eat anything other than regular or Double Stuf Oreos? Who are these monsters?! A regular Oreo with a glass of milk is a thing of beauty, a relatively perfect sweet snack that cannot be improved upon. So, we are confused by their constant attempts at new flavors. What do you dunk a Cherry Cola Oreo in? There is no way that they can possibly sell for more than a novelty…

Rant aside, we can classify this along with the laser-printed beer foam art, glitter beer, color-changing gin, rosé vodka, and all other culinary abominations human beings seem to believe that they need to make. We know that these are mainly all just attempts to capitalize on trends and we can never fault companies for trying to make more money but wow people… Try a few more focus groups next time.