The Daily Rail: Are US Diners Ready for the Lamb Push?

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Making Out Like a Bandit

An ex-Chipotle manager, accused of stealing $626, gets $8 million for wrongful termination. Why? The manager’s bosses claimed the theft was caught on camera but never showed her the video because they said the evidence had been destroyed. She was let go and turned around and sued her former employer, claiming she was a victim of a scheme to defame her from filing a worker’s comp claim. 

Burgerville Union Grows

A second Burgerville staff has unionized. Employees of the QSR chose to create a union in a secret two-day election monitored by the National Labors Relations Board. The Burgerville Workers Union has started conversation with four other Burgerville units. The chain calls the relationship with the new union positive and productive.

What Do Restaurants Think of Google Duplex?

We’ve done several stories on the future of restaurants and what the role of robots and AI might entail. Google has unveiled Google Duplex, a remarkably human-sounding voice, and it has some feathers ruffled.


Why it matters to you: In Florida, Chili’s had a data breach that may have impacted customers.

Chili’s revealed that earlier this year that one of their Florida locations was impacted by a data breach that may have affected some of their guests. They released a statement letting customers know of a “data incident” that allowed access to guests’ payment card information between March and April, though they are still working to determine exactly when. 

Thankfully, not all of their guests were impacted by the breach and social security numbers/D.O.B. s were not compromised. As with any data breach, Chili’s has warned their guests to keep an eye on their accounts and monitor them for any suspicious activities.

So, as a company, what do you do to avoid these types of breaches? While the techniques and methods these hackers use changes all of the time, making a complete defense nearly impossible, there are some basic steps you should take in order to ensure your guest’s digital safety. Some techniques include securing your network, know your employees, use chip technology, etc. With techniques like these you will have the foundational security needed to start protecting your guests properly. A stroke of good luck never hurts either.



Why it matters to you: Arby’s ponders whether or not the US market is ready for lamb.

Arby’s, “the king of roast beef,” is about to start selling lamb gyros at all of their US locations. The move isn’t without concern, however. Lamb hasn’t always been incredibly well received in the US dining market, so this move could be a flop. 

Lucky for Arby’s, the popularity of lamb meat has risen about 17% from a decade ago, according to Datassential, a renowned food researcher. Will this mean anything substantial for Arby’s? Time will tell but we are willing to bet that now is a better time than ever to give it a shot, plus gyros are damn delicious!

For whatever reason, the US has always been hesitant toward adopting lamb fully into its’ diets, despite it being the oldest known domesticated meat. Americans eat just between 1 and 5 pounds of lamb a year, per person as opposed to 55 pounds of beef and 108 pounds of poultry (according to the USDA). 

Several restaurants have cited lamb’s growing popularity within their establishments. Between that and America’s (slowly but surely) palate becoming more adventurous, something as tame as lamb should be no problem for Arby’s(and more importantly other, smaller operators) to peddle successfully and make a potential new alternative to beef and chicken for diners everywhere.