The Daily Rail: Turn Your Restaurant into a Surrogate Work Cafeteria for Offices

RESTAURANT MEMES: Another 24hrs Tomorrow, Bank Deposits, Blocking on Well-Done, and More!

Monday means memes.This week’s batch includes iPhone vs. Android users, cheese is heroin, Thanos hits Chick-Fil-A, taking plates from guests too early, and what your staff looks like. Share ‘em with staff for some laughs or guests for some social fodder!


The World's Biggest FMCG Brands

According to the 2018 edition of Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint report, Coca-Cola remains the most chosen FMCG brand in the world for the sixth year running. According to the report, which measures how often consumers choose an item from a particular brand, Coca-Cola’s products were picked 5.8 billion times last year, reaching more than 40% of the world’s population.

Infographic: The World's Most Chosen Consumer Brands | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

UBS Runs Lame World Cup Simulation

UBS (yea, the Swiss bank) produced a 17-page document discussing the upcoming World Cup. They even ran 10,000 simulations to come up with team/country odds… but they included Italy for some reason. Regardless of how poorly done this was, Bloombergdecided to report on it. And so Awful Announcingreported on Bloomberg’s report of the UBS report. And now here we are reporting what Awful Announcing… you get the picture. 

If you’re looking for legit soccer tourney info to boost your sports bars presence, check out our International Soccer Central guide. Chalk full of promos to run and marketing tips to score with soccer.

Bipartisan Support for Net Neutrality

A recent poll, commissioned by the nonpartisan group Voice of the People, shows that Americans are surprisingly united in their support of current net neutrality rules. 86% of the registered voters polled by Nielsen Scarborough oppose the FCC's plans to repeal net neutrality rules, with similar numbers found across all political camps. Just another day, another poll showing Americans want net neutrality. If only the FCC cared…

Infographic: Bipartisan Support for Net Neutrality | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: Group delivery services are driving restaurant sales with office workers during lunchtime.

We see it all of the time on TV and in movies (and real life if you’ve ever been there): the office worker slammed with deadlines and no time to eat, sleep, or think beyond the project they are tasked with finishing. That’s where companies like PeachEat Club, and Forkable come in. These new delivery services work with restaurants and hungry offices to meet in the middle. So often office workers can’t leave to get lunch; these delivery services cancel that out and allow restaurants to partner up and benefit highly. These web- and app-based services disseminate to offices curated launch menus for workers to choose from, acting like a surrogate cafeteria for the office workers and a simple catering program for restaurants.

This could be a great way to boost lunchtime orders. Our only concern is if they run into some uberEATS-esque problems. But these services could truly save struggling or dying restaurants with large and consistent lunchtimes orders. If we were in their shoes we’d sign up to be their surrogate cafeteria asap and transform our dreadfully slow lunchtimes into the busiest time of day.



Why it matters to you: Reports for 2018 how fries are getting pricey…

Fast food giant Jack in the Box recently reported that they have been paying more for potatoes than usual in 2018. The news came during a conference call whilst reporting disappointing sales. The retail potato prices have been their highest inflationary items with a 4.3% higher cost, about an additional $0.73 per pound. 

That shouldn’t usually mean much but for a fast food giant or any operator that does a lot of french fries, that additional almost-dollar per pound can absolutely affect your bottom line. Perhaps that is why we are seeing more and more operators have sweet potato options? With any luck we will see the price go back down and can stop stressing over the cost of fries as operators and continue worrying about their flavor and quality.