The Daily Rail: Restaurant Sued for Not Hiring ‘Old White Guys’

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Congressman José Andrés?

We’ve often lamented the lack of true restaurant industry voices running political positions, but those days may be coming to a close. Award-winning chef and philanthropist José Andrés has floated the idea that he may run for Congress one day. Andrés has long championed immigration and food issues, but until he makes something official we’re not getting our hopes up.

Coming This Fall: Bong Appétit

Munchies second cookbook, entitled Bong Appétit, is slated for publication this fall. In it, you’ll learn how to master the art of cooking with weed. Everything from cocktails to entrées, sweet & savory.


ESPN has agreed to a streaming deal with the UFC, allowing the sports network to carry UFC events on its shiny new streaming platform, ESPN+. The OTT sports station will carry 15 UFC events this year.


Why it matters to you: The Seasons 52 chain is being sued for its’ hiring preferences.

The Seasons 52 chain, a part of the same restaurant group as Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse, is under fire today after allegedly refusing to hire anyone over the age of 40 years old (mainly white men). 

As a result, they got slapped with a $2.85 million suit (they settled) in an age discrimination case brought against it by the EEOC. The EEOC alleged that “thousands” of applicants over 40 “claimed they were treated with bias,” according to Law360. By settling, Seasons 52 admits no liability and deny the allegations; they’ve also invited all parties to reapply for employment (very LOL).

Sounds about right. The over 40 demographic of white men really isn’t accustomed to being discriminated against so it is no surprise to us that a lawsuit sprung out of this. Nobody should ever be discriminated against, however, and age discrimination is a very real issue. More and more people aren’t able to fully retire at the traditional age and need to seek employment. Who’s to say an older person applying to a waiting gig doesn’t have decades of experience and won’t do a better job than someone half their age even? Nobody.



Why it matters to you: Papa John’s is going downhill with only itself to blame.

Times continue to be rough for Papa John’s. The pizza chain has been struggling to keep their head above water, ever since they were dropped as the “Official Pizza of the NFL.”The chain has been struggling to figure out who they (more or less) since founder John Schnatter left his role as CEO. Sales are slumping, and stocks are tanking.

Papa John’s is working hard to change things around however. They’ve brought in a new chief marketing officer (CMO) to change their failing marketing strategies and launched a $12.99 Meal Deal to entice guests. They’re also looking to take a page out of Domino’s playbook and become more tech-savvy.

All great things from the marketing end, but Papa John’s needs to also take another page from Domino’s playbook and look at their core products. Why would anyone be in a rush to support them when they can go to a mom & pops joint down the street for better quality food at about the same price? Maybe it is time they go back to the drawing board and ensure that the only good thing to eat there isn’t just their garlic sauceNeeding a dipping sauceis a massive crutch when it comes to pizza (most pizza chains are guilty of this). When part of your slogan is “better ingredients” but you are consistently struggling, maybe it is time to learn how to assemble said ingredients a little better.