The Daily Rail: KFC Experiments with “Vegetarian” Fried Chicken

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American Ninja Warrior is Back

If you’re a sports bar and aren’t showing American Ninja Warrior, you might want to reconsider. The two-hour premiere won the 18-24 demo with a 1.2 rating and 5.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen. While you should keep true to the American sports staples (baseball, football, basketball, hockey), you should show alternative sports content like ANW to cast a wider net and prove you’re the best sports bar around.

[Trade War Intensifies]

Trump’s trade war with American allies grows. First it’s more expensive beer (aluminum can cost increase), and then tariffs on American whiskey & bourbon exports to Canada and the EU, and now Mexico slaps the US with tariffs on American pork, whiskey, apples and cheese (among other items). American farmers are expected to get hit hard. The pork industry is slated to approximately $100 million annually. #AmericaWinning

The World Cup's Financial Rewards

While the 32 teams involved in the FIFA World Cup will be aiming to go as far as possible and achieve success on the pitch, they will also be battling for a sizeable pot of prize money. Late last year, FIFA announced the amount of prize money available for the tournament in Russia and it's at record levels once again. Excluding the Club Benefit and Protection Programmes, prize money this year stands at $400 million, an increase on 2014's $358 million.

Visit our 2018 International Soccer Central for more World Cup news, bar promotions, and download the Group Play TV schedule.

Infographic: How Prize Money Will Be Distributed At The World Cup  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: The Colorado bakery who was just ruled in favor of by the SCOTUS is getting slammed on Yelp. Duhhhh.

Hopefully some people recall the story we touched upon yesterday about the baker in Colorado who refused to make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding? Well his bakery, Masterpiece Cakeshop, is getting bombarded with bad reviews & trolls on Yelp. Coulda saw this one coming.

We always mention how Yelp can be a bit Voldemort-y at times in regard to our businesses. Someone with no credentials who likes their steak well done with ketchup can write a review because they thought their perfectly cooked steak was too undercooked, etc. The blessing & curse of the Internet is everyone has a voice. And when a business owner heads to the Supreme Court over discriminatory practices, you can expect those opposite voices to come out in full force. Something to keep in mind when taking any political stand publicly in your restaurant. You’re 100% within your right to do so, but there may be a cost attached. 



Why it matters to you: KFC is playing around with some fake-meat products in the UK.

KFC has never shied away from some truly creative but abhorrent menu items in their past. Plus, they know more than anyone the value of creating a buzz surrounding their restaurants. They’re now working on a new “vegetarian” fried chicken recipe that will go into testing in the UK sometime next year. This is still in its very beginning stages, so we will absolutely be waiting for a bit of time but good job KFC! Restaurant operators are still slightly behind the times in most areas of the country as far as vegetarian and vegan menu options go but when fast food giants start offering them we’re sure everyone else will get the hint soon thereafter. 

Now, we certainly aren’t suggesting anyone makes the full switch to vegan, though having a few, solid meals marketed to them is good for business. Good vegetarian and vegan restaurants are still relatively hard to find in most areas, so why not pad your menu with a few extra options for that crowd? You’re sure to see a few new faces at least, especially if you get the word out properly!