The Daily Rail: The Future of Restaurants is Delivery

Restaurant Memes: Real Fake Doors, Bey.T. Phone Home, Weekends Off, and More!

Restaurant memes are back! In this week’s edition, why you shouldn’t let the public name anything, trying to get a weekend off in the industry, getting locked in a supermarket, pizza-crust haters and more. Share ‘em with staff or use them as social media fodder for your guests!


U.S. Data Breaches Average Almost $8 Million

Average total costs of a data breach vary heavily between countries with the United States the hardest hit. In 2018, an average incident costs U.S. firms $7.91 million while in Canada and Germany, the impact is lower at less than $5 million. Indian and Brazilian companies have the lowest average cost of a data breach at $1.77 million and $1.24 million respectively. So not only does it cost your guests potential money, but it’s a whopper for your business. Here are tips to avoid a data breach at your restaurant.

Infographic: The Price Tag Attached to Data Breaches | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

When is D-Pat Debut Album Dropping?

If you missed it, Danica Patrick rapped at the ESPYs. She dropped rhymes on athletes, everyone from Rob Gronkowski to Terrell Owens from the safety of her… bedroom? Hotel room? It’s a weird place for a rap, but whatevs. Check it for some lols.

Papa John and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

Considering the policies he fostered and fought against (and his other poor behavior), we’re not too surprised to hear that John Schnatter (aka Papa John)has been accused of sexual misconduct that resulted in two confidential settlements. And though he’s been kicked out of the company, no doubt this will still reflect poorly on his former pizza empire.


Why it matters to you: As restaurants deal with the delivery boom we have to consider everything from prices on.

 With how outrageously overcrowded our industry is, it should come as no surprise that the rise in delivery would be the next pivotal step in an ever-changing market. Some restaurants are even going delivery-only

Over the next several years, delivery is going to be crucial to the success of (certain) establishments succeeding over others. We see it becoming the new version of a to-go order, so we all need to prepare. We’re already seeing some establishments going so far as to catering their menus for delivery ordering. Online ordering is going to be a pretty important part of this, as well as integrating with voice assistants. Restaurants will need to accommodate these two oft-combined types of orders else be left in the dust. Who wants to talk to someone over the phone and eat in public anyway? Joking.

It’s important that operators start preparing for the future and that heavily relies on delivery and online ordering. You don’t have to go so far as to tweaking your menus for this, though some restaurants are. Realistically, anything we can do to prepare our unique restaurants for deliverypocalypse is worthwhile and will only pay off in the long run.



Why it matters to you: Taco Bell was dealing with a class action suit over wanting to enforce keeping employees on premises during their meal breaks if they bought food there.

It is nice to leave work for a little while on a lunch break, right? You get to get some fresh air, stretch your legs or sit down, and eat something tasty. Well recently, Taco Bell was hit with a class action lawsuit accusing them of violating California law by making its employees stay on premises during their meal breaks ifthey purchased food there using employee discounts. The court unanimously rejected the case because the rules were meant to ensure workers aren’t buying discounted food for friends or family.

The key here is that the rule was in place to keep staff from abusing the discount for friends & fam. It’d be less than wise to enforce your staff to stay on-premises during their breaks otherwise. Either way, it might pay to make sure your restaurant has a good place for employee breaks, especially if there’s not room for your staff to eat in the dining area. Per usual, all we have to do is treat our employees right and you’ll run into less employee-related troubles.