The Daily Rail: Guest Banned for Writing ‘We don’t tip Terrorist’ on Check

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The NFL Preseason isn’t just for the pros to get ready for the regular season. It’s also time for your staff and your guests to get primed for a long and exciting season. Here’s tips for leveraging the NFL Preseason and make your location the spot to watch the NFL this year.

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Addictive Chicken

A 61-year-old New Jersey woman was arrested after disguising 10 pounds of heroin as cooked chicken last Sunday. She apparently didn’t remember that you can’t bring outside food through airport checkpoints, but A+ effort. The heroin street value is estimated to be about $300,000. The cooked rotisserie chicken not so expensive. You can check out the photo of her masterpiece here.

Electronics are the Most Pawned Category

A recent analysis from website PawnGuru found that in the U.S., there are huge regional differences in what people pawn. For example, guns are pawned at a disproportionately high rate in many southern and western states while in Colorado and Florida, people are more likely to pawn vehicles. Broadly speaking, electronics are the item most commonly pawned in the U.S. and they account for 30% of all requests on PawnGuru.

Infographic: What Americans Pawn When They Need Cash | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Trade War List

While Trump and the rest of the world keep slapping trade tariffs on one another like they’re in a Three Stooges episode, US businesses are getting hit – hard. Here’s a full list of all the foods being affected by Trump’s trade war.


Why it matters to you: A customer was banned for writing “We don’t tip Terrorist” on check.

A server at a Saltgrass Steak House named Khalil was left a nasty “tip” recently when a guest left a $0 on the tip line of their $108.73 tab as well as the message “We don’t tip Terrorist.” Poor grammar aside, the guest also circled the server’s name in case the racist message wasn’t clear enough to the server. Khalil has no middle eastern roots, but that’s far beyond the point. He posted a photo of the bill to spread awareness which we are thankful for, especially since hate crimes have been on the rise for a few years in a row now.

This is an ever-growing concern in the US as of late. The restaurant manager stated that they “stand by and support our employee. Racism of any form is unacceptable” and proceeded to ban the responsible customer. We think Khalil and the management handled themselves perfectly and we applaud them for it. They handled the situation with aplomb, never stooping to the disgusting level that the customer did. Management’s reaction was swift and they reaffirmed publicly their support of their employee while their staffmember spread awareness. It is people like this that can turn a horrendous situation into a positive learning experience for our industry and the world and it’s something we can all can learn from.



Why it matters to you: Pulitzer Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold Passed away at the age of 57.

Chances are if you are in the industry, you have read something from Jonathan Gold at some point. He pioneered the type of eating in the food critic world that inspired the likes of Bourdain. Gold’s column was called “Counter Intelligence” with the subtitle “Where to eat in the real Los Angeles.” Sounds like something right out of modern food shows, right? Gold sought out the traditional, working class cuisine that generally got overlooked by foodies and food critics. He had a particular quote we love that is a common thread between all of the aforementioned TV personalities and himself:

“Well, I am trying to democratize food and trying to get people to live in the entire city of Los Angeles. I’m trying to get people to be less afraid of their neighbors.”

That is the mindset that made someone like him a true treasure in our industry. He strived to bring everyone together in a time that is so divided over small, commonalities -- food. His mission should be something we all share and actively try to succeed in -- to bring people together through food and drink. It’s possible. We just need to give it our best and it will pay off in more ways than one for all involved.