The Daily Rail: Millennials Want Restaurant Tech to Complement Dining Experience

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Giving Employees a Purpose

Yesterday we talked a little about restaurants hiring deaf employees or staff that know ASL. This morning we ran across a nice little story about a pizzeria that hires special need adults and disabilities to work in its restaurant. It’s a great example of Purpose Economy. Check the video out here.

Availability of Financial Support for Jobseekers

The following infographic provides an overview of financial benefits for jobseekers in selected OECD countries with coverage rates highest in Finland at 63.7%. The scale of the gap between countries is illustrated by coverage in neighboring Sweden which is just 21% by comparison. Belgium and France are both at the higher end of the scale with 60% and 42% respectively while in the United States, the share is just 12.4%, and in Italy it is lower still at 8.4.%. Across 24 OECD countries fewer than one-in-four jobseekers receive unemployment benefits on average.

Infographic: Where The Most Jobseekers Get Benefits | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

World’s First Cannabis Beer ‘Hits You Very Quickly’

Province Brands, a Toronto brewery startup, as developed the world’s first cannabis beer brewed from cannabis plants. Until now, weed-beer would have cannabis oil infused into the beer. Province Brands goes right to the source. The beer contains about 6.5mg THC and is says to “hit you very quickly.”


Why it matters to you: Millennials want tech to complement the dining experience, not overwhelm it.

Millennials are always on their phones or tablets or computers, right? When it comes to restaurants they are changing the landscape of our industry to be more delivery-focused than ever, right? So, when it comes to restaurant dining, they’d probably love a very techexperience, right? Wrong. According to a recent Bloomberg article and poll, while Millennials are more likely to use tech to book a reservation, or use card-less payments (Apple Pay, Venmo, etc.), they are concerned about tech overwhelming the dining experience too much.

We chalk this up to Millennials still largely starting their lives without smart phones, or the Internet. Millennials were raised partially before these tools, so that may be why they still value human qualities like a great server adding to their experiences in ways that tech just can’t. Who knows how our lives and the industry will change when focus shifts to Gen-Z, but for now let’s have a collective sigh of relief since we now know Millennials don’t want or expect the Terminator serving their dessert and every surface to be a touchscreen



Why it matters to you: More on the ‘We don’t tip Terrorist’ waiter from a Texas steakhouse.

Yesterday, we reported about a waiter receiving a racist message as a tip resulting in a lifetime ban for a customer and created a viral news story. We’d now like to report that we were fooled just like the rest of the media outlets along with the restaurant operator themselves. The server made the whole thing up! Khalil Cavil (the waiter) had an interview with the Odessa American this past Monday where the scenario was explained further.

Now, we aren’t sure about anyone else but, we’d certainly be pissed if we were the owners/franchisees of the steakhouse or a manager there after this stunt. As operators and managers, we have no direct insight within our team’s interactions with guests, so for a server to outright lie to you, get an innocent customer banned, and create a viral news story all for nothing is a pretty big blow to your trust. It’s paramountthat we, as operators, can trust our staff to be truthful and professional. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case here and it’s going to be a headache for the operator, server, and guest. Now’s a good time to figure out how you would approach a situation like this. How would you go about finding out the truth and what are your levels of reaction? Figure out a solid policy/plan now and hopefully you’ll come out fine if you have to ever face an unfortunate situation like this.