The Daily Rail: Yelp Gains Another Infinity Stone

ENTERTAINMENT: How Restaurants Can Plan for New Media Entertainment

You all know just how competitive your market can be. You constantly need to prove to guests why they should visit their location in the first place and then keep coming back. For many operators, new media entertainment -- restaurant digital signage, OTT sports programs, & restaurant gaming entertainment – are best bets. Here’s how you can plan for new media entertainment and pick the right one with the best ROI for your business.

MARKETING: 3 Winning Strategies for Sports Bars Marketing NCAA Football [Plus Season Schedule Download]

Of the six major American sports, college football is by far the most overrated one for sports bars. Not because it doesn’t drive traffic — it does! Not because there isn’t enough coverage — there is! Not because there aren’t enough fans — there are! No, college football is overrated because there isn’t much your guests can’t get at home on their own TVs. Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to leverage this business. You definitely should. The trick is to make sure your efforts are on strategies that deliver results.


RIP Eat24

Grubhub is shutting down Eat24, Grubhub’s spinoff food delivery business. Grubhub bought Eat24 from Yelp a year ago. The shutdown will happen later this year after Grubhub pushes Eat24 users onto the Grubhub platform. First it was Foodler. Now Eat24. Grubhub’s quaffing down the competition.

Facebook Drops, Twitter Flatlines

Just one day after Facebook suffered the biggest single-day market cap loss in history, Twitter also saw its share price plummet by more than 20%. The social media company had beaten or at least met Wall Street expectations for the second quarter in terms of revenue and profit, but a slight decline in monthly active users compared to the previous quarter was enough to send its shares tumbling.

Infographic: Facebook's Black Thursday | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista
Infographic: Twitter Struggles to Attract New Users | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Bigfoot Porn & Pizza

Pizza Hut is looking to cash in on the Internet’s sudden obsession with Bigfoot porn & erotica. It all started when a Dem congressional candidate Lesli Cockburn accused her opponent Denver Riggleman of being into Bigfoot erotica. Anyways, Pizza Hut decided this was a good time to bring back their Bigfoot pizza… Late Capitalism is a trip, y’all.


Why it matters to you: Yelp is expanding a new program that takes them one step closer to cutting the restaurant population in half with the snap of their fingers. 

We have been over it numerous times -- Yelp is kinda like if Voldemort... But this next move is like Thanos and Voldemort had the Infinity Stones and the Elder Wand at the same time. Joking. It isn’t THAT bad but now Yelp is rolling out it’s restaurant health score program nationwide. This feature comes as the result of a partnership with HDScores, a third-party company that scours government websites for health inspection reports. These scores will be displayed right under your restaurant’s hours on the app or website, so your potential customers will be able to read exactly where you were marked down on the report.

Sounds like this could be a bit of a nightmare, right? We see it both ways. In one way this could indeed affect numerous restaurants and inevitably lead to more restaurants closing up shop. In another way, this could end up leading to a huge step-up in cleanliness within the industry due to our inability to take any of our cards off of the table and sweep them under the rug. We all should be striving for clean, hygienic restaurants, so the change shouldn’t be too detrimental if we’re doing our jobs right.

[Source: Restaurant-Hospitality]


Why it matters to you: A group of people figured out how to rig the system and cheat on the yearly game.

They certainly won’t be passing go or collecting $200 anytime in the near future. Jerome Jacobson) and his network of mobsters, strip-club owners, drug traffickers, and psychics won almost every prize for the last 12 years in the McDonald’s annual game. This happened until the FBI caught on, launched an investigation and conducted a McSting operation to end Jacobson and associates’ dominance. These sort of scenarios give all contests and giveaways a bad name, so we want to try to help put an end to that!

How do we ensure transparency so our guests don’t think our giveaways are rigged? Ready for this shocker? The answer was in the question… transparency. If we are utterly and completely transparent with our giveaways and contests, then people won’t worry about scams or rigged games. You are giving away a TV with the minor entrance fee of a review/suggestion card after a meal? Seems too good to be true, huh? Post photos of the winner and tag them on your social media! If guests see who wins these prizes and it isn’t some anonymous shadow person who wins (or an employee or employee relative) then we will all have much more active participation because our customers will know it is all real.

[Source: thedailybeast]