The Daily Rail: What Diners Expect Out of Restaurant Delivery

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Dammit Florida Man!

A year-old alpaca died recently in Fleming Island, FL after eating a whole slew of junk food a “gentleman in a blue car” dumped in the field. The latest dumping included 3 boxes of animal crackers, 1 large bag of Doritos, 2 large boxes of cheese nips and 2 bags of whole peanuts. That is quite the last supper for the unnamed alpaca. This same gentleman has been known to dump trash by nearby elementary schools, so local residents are keeping an eye out for him.

Trump's White House Turnover

When looking at the five presidents to precede Trump, the 45’s hiring practices are as unusual as his pre-political career in television . In Trump’s first year the turnover rate for senior level staff was twice as high as in Regan’s first year, four times as high as Barack Obama, and almost five times as high as George W. Bush’s first year. While Trump is still finishing up his second year, the turnover rate is trending closer to other recent president’s second year turnover.

Infographic: How Does Trump's Turnover Compare to Other Presidents? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Working Moms

Working mothers have been striving to carve out a place for themselves in the working world, while balancing motherhood. A new study out this year, shows a correlation between working mothers and their adult daughters’ earning potential. Daughters that have a working mom are more likely to earn more and hold supervisory roles at their place of business. Sons of working moms are more likely to spend more time per week caring for family members. The U.S. labor force is retaining working mothers with children in all age groups at higher rates than they were four decades ago.

Infographic: Working Moms by the Numbers | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: Examining the importance of boundaries within our workplace friendships.

Anyone in management knows a boss should not be a friend, especially in the #metoo era when so many instances of abuse stemmed from men in positions of power abusing their team/employees. Some companies enforce a “no fraternization” policy which would prohibit many types of romantic relationships from occurring. Workplace boundaries around friendships, while at first annoying and slightly quirky-seeming, are an important consideration and conversation to be had with anyone in positions of power in your establishment(s).

Are these policies foolproof? No, not even close. Are they worth a shot? Yes, absolutely. If we don’t at least try then we can end up with all types of unhealthy relationships occurring under our own roof. You certainly wouldn’t want one of your managers dating a server and in turn, giving them all of the best shifts, the best zones to work, and best days off. The same exact thing can (and does) happen when employees below the manager get too buddy-buddy with them, so it’s important to avoid favoritism. 

As we all know: people break up, friends fade, and all sorts of relationships can go sour at any point. Then what is left? A hard decision will end up having to be made and that generally concludes with the loss of an employee, even sometimes both employees and we all know the cost of that.

[Source: Restaurant-Hospitality]



Why it matters to you: Looking at what our customers expect out of delivery.

We have discussed delivery many-many times. Everything from delivery done right, gone horribly wrong, beer delivery, going delivery-only, and more. But one of the most important things we should be asking ourselves is “What are guests expecting out of our delivery programs?”

Let’s start here: How are most customers ordering their food for delivery? According to a poll by Datassential, 61% of diners still order over the phone as their primary choice; the other (near) half will use the restaurant’s website or app. Diners are still relatively stuck on the old way of doing things but digital ordering is gaining steam. 

Digital ordering guests are looking for four main things in their experiences: customization of their orders, ability to select a delivery time, some detail of each item on the app/website, and then potentially some type of profile or awards program to track their order history. That doesn’t sound that bad, right? Guests have really reasonable expectations when it comes to delivery. They want their food getting to them within a reasonable time and in good condition seems. Our suggestion: perfect the bare essentials then worry about the other bells and whistles.

[Source: Restaurant-Hospitality]