The Daily Rail: Should Your Restaurant Have a 'No Protest' Policy?

STAFF: The Dos & Don'ts of Staff Behavior Contracts

The restaurant industry needs good leadership ideas when it comes to managing and motivating employees. Docking pay for every little infraction, like what one operator tried, probably isn’t the most viable option. Here's how to properly create staff behavior contracts to improve your team’s service and performance.


Booze Urban Legends

There are a ton of legends associated with alcohol throughout history – everything from Corona employees urinating in the beer in the ‘80s to alcohol being filtered with fish guys to drinking champagne out of women’s shoes. Here are some popular boozy urban legends and whether they’re true or not.

 The End of an Era?

On Monday, Real Madrid’s Luca Modric was named the Best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year, ending a decade-long duopoly on soccer’s biggest individual price by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Modric enjoyed a tremendously successful 2017/18 season that saw him win the Champions League, help his country reach the FIFA World Cup Final, and win the best player award at the tournament in Russia. He is now the first player since Kaka in 2007 to be named the best player of the year ahead of Ronaldo and Messi, who both won the award a record five times over the past ten years. 

Infographic: The End of the Messi-Ronaldo Era? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Joining Forces

As the following chart illustrates, SiriusXM's acquisition of Pandora creates an audio entertainment heavyweight in the United States, at least in terms of listening share. According to Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” report, SiriusXM and Pandora accounted for 7% and 5% of Americans’ audio consumption between Q2 2017 and Q1 2018, respectively, leaving behind heavyweights such as Spotify, Apple and Amazon.

Infographic: SiriusXM to Join Forces With Pandora | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: The end of civility, is it the end of the world?

I don’t care what your political affiliation, you can’t have liked what happened to Senator Ted Cruz (R) of Texas at a Washington DC restaurant this week. The partisan politics of the day have been a topic of conversation on The Daily Rail for the past two years and with this story, it would appear that will continue. We understand and appreciate the parameters of the First Amendment. Freedom of speech cannot be limited by our GOVERNMENT; that doesn’t mean as a business owner you have to endure it -- not from your employees and not from the public.

Now, if you want to host this type of protest -- like the Virginia restaurant that refused to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders -- you have that right. However, protest from others in your establishment is at your discretion. For example, while we support the NFL Player’s right to protest, we equally support the team owners’ right to not employ them if they do. It’s their business and free speech is not necessarily free of consequences. All that being said, I think this was as much a fail on the operator’s part as anyone involved. Remember, you have the right to refuse service or request that a person not engaging in your services to leave the restaurant. As long as you apply your policy equally under all circumstances. Having a “No Protests in Our Restaurant” policy sounds like a pretty smart idea to me.

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Why it matters to you: If you feel like your restaurant is on the brink, this might help.

These past few years have been tough on the regular restaurant operator. Labor costs spiking, food cost so variably you can’t plan, infrastructure that needs constant maintenance… all of it can make you feel like maybe the fight is too much. Well, if this is your life then maybe it’s time to rethink your business planning and look at implementing a turnaround strategy. This article tackles the basics of a turnaround and what signs an operator should notice to know that they are the ones stopping their success rather than just general business environment.

 The author covers several topics including your operating procedures, moving forward with available technologies, giving your place a face lift, and a deep dive into your businesses numbers. You don’t need a turnaround expert to look at your performance honestly. Self-analysis only works when you have admitted you have a problem. So, if you are ready to turn your restaurant around, give this story a quick read and decide for yourself what to focus on to fix. Either way, you’ll learn more about your own business and potentially inspire some positive change.

[Source: The Restaurant Zone]