The Daily Rail: Black Restaurant Owner Arrested While Helping a White Guest

OPERATIONS: Infographic: 5 Processes to Shred Your Food Costs [Presented By: Orderly]

Your food costs make up a third of your restaurant's spend, yet they're dominating your headaches. You're letting your spending run wild, and you're doing nothing to keep it in control. It's time to take charge of your food costs. Our infographic outlines 5 Processes to Shred Your Food Costs, so you know exactly where to start. Fix your food costs now.


6 Factors for Convenience

It’s a fast pace world and people want what they want in the most convenient ways. But do you know what the driving factors for convenience are? Here’s a cool infographic from Nielsen, showing the six factors driving consumer’s desire for convenience. By understanding them, you can adapt and enhance your offers as consumer needs evolve.

The Papa John's Saga Continues…

John Schnatter just won’t walk off into the sunset quietly. The recent chapter of this neverending story has Schnatter writing a 61-page letter to the head of HR and company director at Papa John’s as well as the co-president of WME-IMG and a former ESPN exec. In it he accuses Papa John’s senior execs of “frat club” behavior, including lewd remarks and requests, homophobic slurs, and negative comments about diversity. There’s a lot of sex creep accusations in it. Ah, the desperate words of a desperate man.

Not So Fresh

Campbell announced Thursday that it is selling its international and fresh food businesses. After disappointing years from both divisions, with the fresh food business operating at a loss in 2017, Campbell has decided to let those units go. Overall, earnings over the past four years have been consistent, with the only drag coming from Campbell Fresh in 2017. CEO Denise Morrison attempted to branch out into healthier and fresh foods with these units, but the company has decided to go back to its 149-year-old roots as a snacks, packaged meals, and beverage company. 

Infographic: Campbell Soup Drops Fresh Division After Losing Money | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: We explain what goes into an authentic Neapolitan pizza. It is more than you think.

Neapolitan pizzas seem like the simplest pizzas there could ever be. A simple red sauce, some fresh mozzarella, basil, high temperature oven, and boom you’ve got yourself a pizza, right? Wrong. There is actually an Italian association called the Vera Pizza Napoletana that watches over the way these pizzas are made that is led by some of Italy's oldest pizza-making families to ensure the strict standards over what can be called a Neapolitan Margherita pizza and obtain a VPN certification. 

So, are you still thinking about making authentic Neapolitan-style Margherita pizzas in your restaurant? We’d assume not given that you’d likely have to renovate your establishment to do so. That said, there are only a handful of locations per state that actually have this VPN certification, so if you looking for a way of differentiating yourself from the pack, a certification could be an excellent way. Additionally, if you are operating in a state with no certified locations, yours could be the first and could make for great marketing opportunities. We’d guess it certainly beats 3D-printed pizza.




Why it matters to you: A black restaurant owner tried to help a white patron in distress. I think we all know where this is going…

The New York Times published a story of a black restaurant owner trying to help a woman in distress, and got punched and arrested for his efforts. The owner of MIST Harlem, Dr. Clyde Pemberton, who is a retired psychiatrist, was meeting at his restaurant when he saw two women leaving the bathroom dragging a third woman who was visibly unconscious. The (white) women knocked something over and Dr. Pemberton suggested they place the unconscious woman in a chair and see if they needed anything else. That’s when one woman punched him in the chest and referred to him with a racial slur while the second woman struck one of the restaurant’s employees with her purse. When the police arrived (also white), they spoke only to one of the women before arresting Dr. Pemberton and two of his employees. Charges were eventually dismissed but there is now a lawsuit filed against the NYPD by Dr. Pemberton and his employees for infringement on their civil rights.

You know, as a culture we need to take a step back before acting rashly in these fairly normal scenarios. Most people wouldn’t think to call the police because someone offered help to another. Unfortunately, racism is still sewn into the fabric of American society. No doubt we will likely hear more of these stories of restauranteurs, school children, and employees being arrested for “Being an innocent & conscientious ____ while also black.” 

As business owners, we are subject to a tremendous amount of responsibility and liability when it comes to our guests. Something like this instance or worse can happen at your locations, and you can likely be on the hook in some regard. Best to nip any form of racism in the bud as fast as possible before your establishment makes the news. Racist employee? Not your employee anymore. Racist patron? They’re banned. Keep it simple in 2018 because so much isn’t.