Six Reasons Your S**t Isn't Selling

These are uncertain times, but your sales shouldn’t be. Your business relies on you providing an experience your guest enjoys, and food and drinks they’d want to have again.

While most people are glued to their phones, it’s hard to get in front of people’s faces -- unless your menu items are what they’re looking for and easy to find. Here are six reasons why your s**t isn’t selling, and how to turn things around.


1.     Your food looks like s**t.

If your kitchen staff is just throwing food down on the plate, you’re basically damning yourself to hell and closure. Food that looks better, tastes better. It’s pretty much fact at this point. So do yourself a favor and make that s**t look good!


2.     You’re not on social media.

You’re probably reading this on your phone. If you are and your bar or restaurant doesn’t at least have a Facebook page, you’re screwing up big time. With new features being added to Facebook -- like delivery and recommendations -- you’re completely missing out on free advertising and staying competitive.


3.     You’re not communicating.

Upcharges tick people off. It’s not like people don’t have an extra $2 to spend on the side salad, but when it shows up announced at the end of the meal, you’re bound to get an angry complaint. Do yourself a favor and make sure the people dealing directly with your guests know how to communicate. It’s not rocket science.


4.     Your social media followers suck.

If you’re a greasy burger joint and your Instagram followers are posting pictures of the salad and gluten-free dressing they just made, you’re doing something wrong. Follow people you want to follow you, and make sure these people are interested in the type or style of items you sell. This is pretty much a no-brainer.


5.     You’re stingy.

Imagine your first time in a restaurant and the manager welcomes you with a complimentary drink or dessert. You’d want to go back to that place right? That’s how comping is supposed to work. The next time a couple is having the discussion, “What do we do for dinner?” One of those people is going to remember that free item and BAM! You have a repeat guest.


6.     You’re on social media, but you never reach out to your followers.

Engage people on social media. It’s not hard, it doesn’t take a lot of time, you can do it while you’re sitting in the back office watching the security TVs and scrolling through Facebook. The benefit is you can bring more guests in through promotions and other marketing techniques that practically cost nothing.