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Maximizing your restaurant sales is one of the toughest aspects of running the business. We spend so much time marketing our locations to guests, shouldn’t we try to maximize every guest check?

Your best weapon to boosting profits is your staff. Gamification of sales incentives your staff to up-sell to guests in exchange of rewards, bonuses and accolades. And as you’ll see in this guide, even a small increase in average check sale can mean big profits for your restaurant.

Even a small increase of $0.82/check can mean $2,280+ per week ($118,500+ annually).

They key? Staff engagement programs that incentivize and gamify the sales process.

But where to begin? In this free eBook from Springzy -- Activate Your Restaurant's Marketing Army -- restaurant operators will learn:

  • How to use restaurant employee incentive programs to boost profits
  • Tips for engaging your staff in the suggestive sales process
  • How to transform your staff from servers to sellers
  • Different ways to run a gamified suggestive sales program at your restaurant

How to Gamify Your Restaurant Sales for Success will go over all the basics of setting up and running an incentivized gamification program at your restaurant.

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