Last Updated: July 31, 2017

Queue Thin Lizzy’s, "The Boys Are Back in Town" because finally, football is back.

September brings a month straight with every weekend filled with college and pro games. And that’s not all, MLB baseball is finishing its season and the playoff positions are in the balance. In short, it’s a great time to run a sports themed operation. The month kicks off with the US Open Tennis Championship and stays hot from there.

With the first Thursday night game, the NFL will give you 3 nights of football each week. Add to that the NCAA Football schedule and you’re going to have lots of content. This month also is the return of the Football Weekend Preview. This special edition email has all the games that are televised with rankings and spreads where available. Most of our subscribers consider this the most important month of the year. Use it to convince your guests that yours is the best place to be no matter what the season. You can check out this piece we did during the Football Marketing Bootcamp in June on just that topic.

Finally, UEFA and English Premier Leagues both return in full force during September. With two weeks of Group in UEFA Champions & Europa League, you get some extra traffic midweek and Premier League is great for early Saturday viewing.

So, have at it and market well. September promises to be the beginning of a great new year for Sports.