Admit It, You're Still Taking Guest Experience Cues from the Copacabana

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #27

The ‘50s were a glorious time in American history. We had just won the war and no one was noticing the brewing trouble that was beginning in Southeast Asia. Clubs like the Copacabana -- depicted here in the gangster classic Goodfellas -- were the height of cool for their time. What’s really special about this scene is that it’s a single shot from start to finish on a moving camera.

The point of view approach gives the audience a personal view into the club’s back of the house experience. It’s fascinating to see the various aspects of the business -- storage, dishwashing, the hot line and finishing all the way up to center stage. 

It’s not only a great bit of moviemaking, but is also a look back into time and the way these clubs functioned in their day. 

Today’s clubs take their cues from these legacy operators. Elements including VIP tables, bottle service and separate entrances for the elite are still basic elements in any great club’s operations. 

What can you learn from this clip that will help your operation?