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Thursday, November 17, 2016


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LOYALTY MARKETING: How to Transform Guests into Promoters

Word of mouth marketing is the most effective way to grow your business. Every time a person suggests your restaurant or bar, it’s like a personalized review meant to convince somebody your business is the best choice. So what are you doing to turn your guests into active promoters?


WEB MARKETING: Do You Know How Diners Search for Your Restaurant?

Here are the seven most common ways diners search for restaurants and which apps/sites they're most likely to use. Are you on them?





Star Wars Fans Rejoice!

ZOMG! Princess Leia and Han Solo totally did it IRL.


McRib Fever Has Spread to Your Text Messages

If you have iOS 10, you can download an iMessage add-on called the McRib Finder, that allows you to find which McDonald’s restaurants are serving the cult classic sandwich. Users can also send location data via iMessage, invite friends to meet-up over some McRibs, and share some McRib web stickers. It’s a bit McRibdiculous.


Greenhouse Gas Taxation

A new paper published in Nature Climate Change suggests that if tax-adjusted food prices are based on the environmental impact of their production, then the environmental costs of agriculture could be substantially lowered. The money raised from the “greenhouse gas tax” could be used to lower the cost of food that are both healthier and more environmentally friendly.




Why it matters to you: Sometimes it might be better to remain neutral.

A restaurant in Iowa is getting showered with negative reviews after discriminating against guests who voted for Trump. It’s been reported that the restaurant was charging a $10 cover to Trump supporters while Clinton voters only had to pay $5.

A sign on the front door says, “Yes this is discrimination but you voted for it.” There are many on Yelp and Google calling the policy both, “disgusting,” ”unprofessional,” and a “disaster.” The restaurant has removed its Facebook page over the onslaught of negativity. While pointing out discrimination is admirable, openly practicing it against your customer base is just a bad idea.



Why it matters to you: If you live in certain states, pay attention. Medical marijuana is

now legal in a number of states and most recently more states will now enjoy recreational marijuana under the same regulations in which we enjoy booze. Ready to capitalize on a market opportunity is Constellation Brands Inc., the group responsible for Corona and Svedka, is looking at alcoholic beverages that will also contain cannabis.

Cue a weed-cocktail crafting session. In addition to weed entering booze, weed is also entering restaurants. Denver, CO has become the first US city to allow marijuana in bars. It can’t be smoked, however, though edibles are allowed as well as vaping. Smoking still isn’t allowed to happen in patio areas. BYOP or bring your own pot, is now a thing. 2016, you’ve been a hell of a year.