The Six Dumbest Things Dishwashers Have Done

Working in a kitchen, you gotta start somewhere. For many, it’s the dishwashing station, a pretty much thankless job that leaves you dirty, wet, and miserable. Though the job isn’t easy, it certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get the job done and well. Thanks to Reddit’s Kitchen Confidential, here’s a list of our favorite dumbest things dishwashers have done in restaurants.


1.     Washing electronics.

Reddit user Cadle reports a dishwasher, “put a blender through the dish machine. And not the glass/plastic part.” We just can’t with this one.


2.     Mistreating cast iron.

Another redditor, lizardrancher has numerous tales of “Carlos the Dishwasher.” The funniest story of them, however:

“I hear screaming coming from the back kitchen. Carlos has 200 three-inch cast iron pans soaking in sanitizer for at least an hour.”

We’re sure Carlos had fun re-seasoning those pans.


3.     Bloodcurdling screams.

CosmicRave gave good advice that wasn’t heeded.

“[I] told a dishie not to leave knives in the dish sink because its dangerous. Next day we hear a bloodcurdling scream. Guess what he did?”


4.     Giving oysters a deep clean…

MrJekel posted a prolific list of dishie misdeeds. Thankfully not all from the same person. Our favorite?

“[One dishwasher] cleaned the oysters by running them through the dishwasher. This one is actually my favorite because the amount of money that was being lost due to dead product was driving my chef and his seafood vendor towards some kind of climactic murder-suicide.”


5.     “Guarding” a knife.

Another from MrJekel, “[He was] carrying a knife by holding the point towards the floor, the blade up against his chest, and his left hand on the spine of the knife, to ‘guard’ it.”


6.     A picture is worth a thousand words.

This dishwasher wanted to help date the prep.

The brilliance is staggering.

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