The Daily Rail: Will how your managers behave now come back to haunt you later?

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Use white vinegar to get streak-free windows [Hack #059]

Get streak-free windows in your restaurant with a simple product you probably already have in your kitchen.

Bad Moon Verizon-ing

Last Wednesday, Verizon announced they were increasing their data pricing. There are many that see the increase as a money grab by giving more data for less per gigabyte but boosting their base prices. The truth is that they may be saving people money in the long term based on the projected data consumption rates. This infographic shows that the average user current consumes 3.7gb, but that figure is expected to increase six fold in the next five years. This trend is everywhere, so given that they have reduced the per gigabyte price, they may be doing you a good turn. 

Infographic: Smartphone Data Traffic on the Rise | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

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Why it’s important to you: The sale of the UFC will mean changes to pricing, marketing and availability.

Well, it’s settled. The UFC has officially been sold to WME-IMG for $4 billion. The rumors have been swirling for several weeks that a deal was imminent and late last night UFC President Dana White confirmed to the AP via text that the deal was done.

WME purchased IMG — the sports and event management group — in 2013, and the talent agency has since evolved into a multifaceted entertainment company. The organization already made moves into niche sports properties last year by buying Professional Bull Riders and forming an eSports gaming league with Turner Broadcasting. Given that IMG already represents many UFC luminaries, including Rhonda Rousey, it seemed a natural fit for taking over the incredibly success fight platform.

We won’t likely see many major changes as Dana White will continue to run the day to day operations of the company. However, with only two years left on their groundbreaking media rights agreement with FOX, things should get interesting as we approach 2018. Speculation says a new deal will eclipse their initial agreement with the network. You would imagine that WME-IMG will be making more moves to insure their money makes a return. For now, we’ll have to wait and see, but likely the UFC will get even more interesting in the next couple of years.


Why it’s important to you: How are your managers behaving and will it come back to haunt you?

The news for Roger Ailes continues to be bad. On Saturday, six more women added their voices to Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment condemnation of the network head. The incidents allegedly took place over a 25 year period to women in a variety of positions working for Ailes. One women, Kellie Boyle, claims that when she was a field supervisor for the Republican National Committee, Ailes propositioned her for sex in 1989 shortly after helping George H.W. Bush get elected President. 

Boyle, 54, says she acted noncommittal but found that her meeting the next morning with the National Republican Congressional Committee to sign a contract was abruptly canceled. A highly placed friend in the organization told her later that the word "went out" that she was not to be hired. The five other women share similar stories of Ailes, using his power position to force them into having sex with him, although all of them resisted his advances. The rub is they all came forward after an Ailes spokesperson challenged Gretchen Carlson’s legal team to get any other alleged victims to speak on the record…oops.

Far be it for us to give someone of Roger Ailes position advice, but you might want to be careful what you wish for next time. Only Roger Ailes and the women that are speaking out really know what happened between them, but certainly Dr. Ailes should have known what would happen if he left this many angry people in the wake of his 50 year career in broadcasting.


Why it’s important to you: Trump won’t play by anyone’s rules and this VP choice proves it.

Is Donald Trump really considering Retired Major General Michael Flynn for his running mate? Flynn, who grew up a Democrat in Rhode Island, has made tempered pro-choice comments and shares progressive views on marriage equality. That has the social conservative wing of the Republicans up in arms. Susan B. Anthony List president Majorie Dannenfelser said in a statement that Flynn has “disqualified himself” from the GOP vice presidency, referring to his views on abortion specifically.

Trump has been relying on Flynn for national security and foreign policy counsel and has great respect for the career Air Force officer’s knowledge and loyalty to his country. If Trump chooses this progressive, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency as his running mate, the consequences at the convention will be something to see. No amount of hyperbole can adequately describe the meltdown the truly conservative right will have in the face of this reasonable, qualified and undeniable patriot.