How Hollywood Sees Us: Restaurants are about bringing joy

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #17

In the interest of full disclosure, the movie No Reservations is a horrible, inauthentic and pedantic view of our industry. Catherine Zeta-Jones is whiny and petulant throughout and Aaron Eckhart plays his too cool role…well, too cool. It lacked any resemblance to the real energy kitchens have during high volume times and pretended it understood how chef’s manage everything from menu design to expo. However, all those criticisms aside, the film does achieve one characterization that feels genuine and real.

This scene is preceded by a multitude of failed attempts to get the young girl, played by Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) to eat. What makes the scene work is the honesty that making food for someone represents. The act of caring enough to consider what will make another person happy and providing it is the best of what our industry delivers. At its heart, the restaurant industry is about caring enough to try to please people through creating food and atmosphere that fits a need. It may be a bit melodramatic, but who cares. Each of you that is responsible for making others happy through your food and ambience are making the world a little friendlier for someone that may not feel very welcome. Well done and keep up the good work.