How Hollywood Sees Us: 'Bob's Burgers' gives us life imitating art

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #14

Bob’s Burgers just reached its 100th episode. Not only does that mean it’s incredibly successful, but it also means that the merchandising has kicked in and syndication deals are brewing. If you haven’t seen the series, it centers around a family-run restaurant, it’s eponymously named owner, his wife and their three children. While the show has some dark commentary about our business, they get a couple of things dead on accurate.

A fan favorite is their chalkboard which has witty “Burger of the Day” options. Some are fairly horrible like the “Child Molester Burger” (it comes with candy), but others are cute like the “Don’t You Four Cheddar About Me.” In a life imitating art moment, a fan and food blogger named, Cole Bowden turned those cheeky boards into a series of recipes and eventually a New York Times best-selling cookbook called The Bob’s Burger Burger Book which the show creator, Loren Bouchard, asked him to write.

Some other great chalkboard entries are “Free to Brie You and Me” or the “Bleu By You Burger” are actually delicious burger combinations and really funny plays on words. Yes, we love our dad humor here at The Rail.