The Daily Rail: Is a Hybrid Delivery System Perfect for Full-Service Restaurants?

MARKETING: 37 No-Brainer Ideas to Make Your Restaurant More Profitable

How do you avoid the pitfalls that doom restaurants to fail? It certainly isn't easy… More than 80% of businesses fail within their first four years. But we’ve got you covered. We put together 37 No-Brainer Ideas to Make Your Restaurant More Profitable. Download the checklist now. It's full of practical, prioritized tactics successful restaurant are using. Use this checklist to make sure your restaurant thrives in 2018. 


Health of the Nation

Not all states are created equal when it comes to health. In fact, there’s pretty big disparities, depending on where you live. The Rail’s home state of Massachusetts came in first, thanks to it’s low uninsured population, low obesity rate, and high number of mental health providers. Where does your state stack up?

How Doug Jones Did the Undoable

For the first time in 25 years, a Democrat has won an Alabama Senate seat. Having been the focal point of U.S. politics recently, with President Trump strongly endorsing the Republican candidate Roy Moore, the win for Doug Jones is huge. Black and young voters were Jones’s biggest allies on Tuesday’s election.

Infographic: How Doug Jones Did the Undoable | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

KFC Is Here for Your Ugly Sweater Needs

KFC loves trying whacky marketing techniques. They’ve moved on from chicken-aroma suntan lotion and are jumping into Millennial-friendly merchandise, including holiday wrapping paper and a shirt with Colonel Sanders wearing a festive Christmas hat.


Why it matters to you: NFL everywhere is bad for sports themed operators.

 The NFL exclusively enjoyed by DIRECTV since the late 1990s looks to finally be eroding. While they maintain control over the direct broadcast rights, some other programming providers will gain access to their NFL Sunday Ticket content in 2018. Verizon signed a new deal with the NFL that will allow their subscribers to view all the NFL games on their mobile device starting next September. This will happen through the newly imagined hybrid app that combines Yahoo’s, Verizon’s and NFL’s current app into one. Another big change is that other wireless operators will be allowed to show games from their local market.

This is good news, bad news for restaurant operators. The bad news is that any Verizon subscriber will have full access to all the out of market NFL games. Those guests will have less incentive to visit your restaurants to watch their team. The good news is that it’s only Verizon users and access to out of market NFL games is still restricted for all other carries. However, this is the beginning of the end for the NFL Sunday Ticket and DIRECTV’s dominance over sports bars. It won’t be but a few more years before operators will be able to follow consumers on the path to cord cutting and streaming only content.


Why it matters to you: Do hybrid self-delivery/third party systems make sense in full-service?

As the approach to delivery continues to evolve several national chain operators are testing a new paradigm: the hybrid. This is achieved by staffing your own delivery drivers, but still accepting delivery orders from major providers like GrubHub, UberEats or DoorDash. Currently, Red Robin is employing this feature in their Express units. The process is seamless to the consumer. If they order from DoorDash then they receive it from a DoorDash delivery person. However, if they order directly from the Red Robin site, they will meet a Red Robin delivery staffer at their door.

This represents a natural consequence of the development of delivery processes by full-service operators. When getting started, third party delivery provides infrastructure and scalability that an operator can leverage as they build their clientele. However, once there is consistent traffic, a full-service restaurant can employ their own staff and eliminate the 30-40% given to third-party delivery services. So, if you are considering delivery for your operation, these developments are great news. You can see that delivery continues to grow sufficiently that big chain operators are embracing it and you can do the same.