Most Embarrassing Restaurant Spelling Errors

Restaurants are busy; we get it. Sometimes little things get overlooked and can cause some serious embarrassment. This is especially the case with spelling and grammar when creating menus, pamphlets, business cards and especially billboard signs. We found a collection of restaurants that need to do a double-take when using spell check.

Tip: In the case that you use interchangeable lettering on your restaurant signs, ensure it is protected from possible vandalism.  

As an added tip, always triple check everything placed in front of your restaurant.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.   

1. I think you mean "All Shifts."

2. Umm. No need to prove anything.

3. Stay on McDonald's good side, or else.

4. Honest mistake.

Sign 5.jpg

5. We should all appreciate KFC's honesty.

6. We'll pass.

7. Again with the honesty.

8. Who's taking applications?

9. FAIL.

10. We would consider this one a win.