The Daily Rail: Would You Serve Glitter Beer at Your Restaurant?

MEMES: Restaurants in Australia, Picolas Cage, Uber Arriving, Tipping 20% and More!

It’s Meme Monday! On tap this week includes trying to guess the difference between these fried chicken and adorable puppies, never ending shots, and “wild corndogs.” Perfect to share with your staff and guests for a good laugh or two.


Weird Home Brew

We’re going to rename our Instant Pot “Jesus.” Thanks to the magic of the Internet, someone figured out how you can make wine in your Instant Pot. Best part? It started off as a joke idea.

Blue Steel

While China are often accused of damaging the US economy by flooding the market with cheap steel, they were actually only the 11th largest import country last year. In actual fact, the countries which will be hit the hardest by these new tariffs are in some cases key allies of the United States. Canada, for example, was the most important steel partner in 2017 with a total of 5.7 million metric tons flowing across the border. Here’s who else will get hit hard by Trump’s steel tariff.

Infographic: Where the U.S. Gets its Steel | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Will Sweetbitter Be Bittersweet?

Starz will debut a new restaurant TV drama called Sweetbitter. It’s based off a best-selling novel by Stephanie Danler, who worked in the hospitality industry at Danny Meyer’s Union Square Café and Jody William’s Buvette. Check out the trailer here and let us know what you think!


Why it matters to you: Glitter beer is apparently a thing now for some reason…

In today’s Nobody Asked for This news, we have glitter beer which is a thing now for whatever awful reason. Recently, several breweries have begun making glitter-filled brews and nobody can exactly pinpoint why aside from the fact that glitter lattes and cupcakes where a thing to varying degrees of success. It is a widely accepted fact that glitter is the herpes of the craft world, so why consume it so avidly? How will our bodies digest such an awful substance? But…like… really why though?

One brewer made a lemon and peppercorn glitter saison (gross) as a homage to Lisa Frank which at best makes sense due to its’ weirdness and, at worst, seems like a way to disrespect an icon with a horrendous abomination of a product. Novelty beer and cocktails certainly aren’t new, though they can be a great addition to any bar program and a solid/fun way to draw in daring customers.

Will these strange and novel beers ever catch on? Probably not, but we will always salute someone for trying something new and creative. Now if only they would try something that does not make people consume glitter, then they might really be on to something…


Why it matters to you: As Chipotle scrambled to gain steam they opened a burger concept in Ohio & then closed it.

Chipotle has had a rough couple of years. From their E. coli and norovirus outbreaks, to accusations of insider trading and more, it has been tough for them to recover. One of their tactics was a burger concept in Ohio called Tasty Made. It opened to very so-so reviews. Guests said called it mediocre for the price. Their business model reflected In-N-Out’s by having only a few basic choices but with higher prices. Even after switching chefs and lowering prices, they still could not make it work, saying Ohio was not the place for that specific business. Seemingly burgers are not in the cards for Chipotle at this time.

So, what is Chipotle’s next step? They recently hired Taco Bell’s previous CEO in a new attempt at regaining success of their initial years. Brian Niccol’s track record is impeccable so their founders and investors alike have full faith. Only time will tell whether or not they will turn these failures around, but the future doesn’t look so grim at this point. Niccol has his work cut out for him though.