The Daily Rail: Maine Starting to Embrace Street-Seat Dining

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Which Social Media Platforms Do Marketers Use? 

According to a recent report by the Social Media Examiner, just 8% of marketers used Snapchat in the first quarter of 2018, which is worlds apart from Facebook’s 94% adoption rate and far behind the 66% of marketers that are active on Instagram. Making things worse, 72% of the respondents have no plans of using Snapchat in the next 12 months, indicating that marketers do not consider it relevant enough to give it a try.

Infographic: Marketers Have Yet to Embrace Snapchat | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Out of Office

Traditionally in most cultures, it is the man which would spend the most hours each day at work and, as analysis from MenCare's State of the World's Fathers report shows, this is still generally the case in most parts of the world. There can though, be a difference between being “at work” and “working.” For many people, “working” doesn't entail going to the office or the factory, but staying at home or in the local community as a caregiver. This kind of work doesn't usually come with a financial benefit, of course. As this infographic shows, it is the world's women that are putting in the largest amount of these unpaid hours and in every region, the total amount of time spent working, paid or unpaid, is higher for women than it is for men.

Infographic: Women Work More Than Men | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Spiked with Tide Pod?

A McDonald’s customer was treated at the hospital after he found a partially-dissolved Tide Pod in his Coke. According to the customer, he told the McD’s worker his drink was “supposed to be a large Coke.” He figured the woman would spit in his drink for the rebuke, but his taste buds told him something else was up. When he opened his container an hour later, he found blue goo. It is a bizarre but riveting tale.


Why it matters to you: And by vacation we mean all of his Vegas-area restaurants are closing.

The next step in the crumbing Batali empire: All three of his Las Vegas Strip restaurants are closing up shop by July 27th as he is facing investigation by the NYPD among other issues. All three restaurants have been open for more than a decade and the closures will affect approximately 298 employees. Ouch. The hospitality group (B&B Hospitality) was quoted in an interview saying that Las Vegas Sands -- the company that owns the Venetian and the Palazzo where the restaurants in question are located -- made the decision to close these restaurants before the Batali 60 Minutes aired. This comes as no surprise to anyone. Even rumblings of these sort of claims is enough to scare away most owners and investors. The casinos have no plans for the soon-to-be empty spaces.

Another one bites the dust for Batali. Seeing his empire crumble probably makes some people happy -- and we completely get it -- but we can’t help but think of the employees. Almost 300 people will be without work and flooding the job market in Vegas. It sucks to think that one guy’s actions will cost so many. Even with Batali’s name scrubbed from the restaurant group, the brand is tainted, and the restaurants still are leaving a bad taste in our mouths. Just goes to show you what these powerful people’s actions truly do to all of those around them. So many have lost their or will lose their jobs because of Batali’s sexual harassment and assault claims and charges.



Why it matters to you: The street-seat dining trend is being welcomed with open arms in some Maine towns.

Anyone who has been to New York City has seen some blocked off areas of public seating essentially in the road. This happens semi-frequently in some areas of Los Angeles as well -- blocking off a small area of the sidewalk or street to accommodate some outdoor seating. So why not bring these vibes to… Maine? Two cities in Maine were given the green-light to on-street dining. Local diners and restaurant owners are excited at the possibilities; it will make the downtown areas significantly more walkable as well as larger areas to serve alcohol. Sounds ideal for a nice summer night. We don’t know about you guys but we’re in. Some businesses plan to build patios while others may just go for a less permanent option and clean up their existing spaces out front.

What a great idea. By allowing the downtown restaurants to do this, the cities are giving operators a great tool to attract guests as the weather grows warmer. If suddenly several downtown restaurants have outdoor seating, think of how many more customers might stop in for a beer and some food on a hot day as they stroll through town? Not to mention if the restaurants can get your frozen drinks going in time for this, they’ll be golden.