The Daily Rail: Don’t Let the E.Coli Lettuce Outbreak Hit Your Restaurant

MEMES:When the Table Won’t Leave, Splitting the Check, Letting Your Dishes “Soak” & More!

It’s time for another weekly back of restaurant memes! In this edition: dealing with guests after you’ve clocked out, the difference between FoH & BoH, getting a raise, guests who won’t leave and more. Share ‘em with your staff for a good laugh or with guests for some social fodder!


MAP: The Iconic Cheeses of France

No one possibly knows their cheeses better than the French. They pretty much have a cheese for every day of the year. Here’s a cool map of amazing French cheeses and where they originate from.

Fake Meat

While there are many who are more than happy to down a veggie burger, the Missouri House of Reps are trying to ban plant-based meat companies from calling their products meat. And, of course, this has a bunch of financial implications in the beef-loving state.

Telemundo Deportes is All In

Unlike Fox, Telemundo will have all of its World Cup broadcast teams on the ground in Russia this summer. Telemundo’s president thinks there’s no better way of capturing the excitement of the game & crowd but to be there in person. Meanwhile, Fox will have many of it’s teams in studios back in state-side.


Why it matters to you: Maryland’s seafood industry is in serious crisis right now with a crazy shortage of workers.

Crab cakes and football. That’s what Maryland does best. Although after failing to get visas for their mostly Mexican workforce, local crab houses have lost almost 40% of its workers. What would your restaurant do if you lost half your staff over night? For Maryland, that means the price of crabmeat is skyrocketing. Lack of workers to pick the meat means it’s in short supply. For consumers & restaurants, that means no more reasonably priced crab cakes for a while Operators may have to source their crab from elsewhere until things turn around in Maryland. The Trump Administration’s changes to America’s visa program is to blame, as they went with a lottery this year instead of a first-come, first-served basis.

This could shut down many crab houses as the employee shortage comes right as crab season begins. As it stands now, the price of picked Maryland crabmeat will skyrocket, but the price of steamed crabs could drop drastically. This is a potential industry-killing travesty for Maryland and we’d hate to see it happen. This isn’t an illegal immigration problem; these are all law-abiding and tax-paying workers who help support local economy that we are wronging and generations old family businesses. 


Why it matters to you: Romaine lettuce’s e. Coli outbreak continues.

The outbreak originating from Yuma, AZ continues to spread. One person in California has died from the outbreak and, as of a few days ago, 121 people in 25 states have fallen ill. The CDC has warned consumers and restaurants to avoid all romaine lettuce unless you can confirm that it is not from Yuma. This means chopped, whole heads, salad mixes, and other iterations should be tossed out. You’re not gonna want to get your guests sick.

Unfortunately, nobody is sure how long this will all last, but expect the ban to be on going for the next two weeks or so. That should be roughly all it takes for everyone to catch up to this outbreak and contain it.