The Daily Rail: Restaurant Seafood Supplier Accused of Mislabeling Fish

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UK Most Likely to Consider World Cup Unsafe

Russian fans have a negative image in Europe, an image that deteriorated even further after mass brawls in Marseille during Euro 2016. England fans accused Russian hooligans of acting with "military organization" and they were equipped with gumshields and telescopic truncheons during the violence. Given that ghastly experience, it comes as little surprise that people in the United Kingdom are pessimistic about safety at the tournament.

Infographic: Will The World Cup In Russia Be Safe For Visitors  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Nearly 9 Million U.S. Jobs Depend on Canadian Trade

The Canadian government has often talked up the fact that Canada is the most important trading partner for 35 U.S. states but despite that, there are only two states where trade exceeds 10% of economic output. On the other hand, Canadian provinces have always been reliant on U.S. trade – 49% of Ontario's GDP depends on it. That figure is 31% for Alberta and 23% for Quebec. Nevertheless, the U.S. could still suffer economically in any trade war and it is entirely possible that some states could start seeing ripple effects on their employment rates.

Infographic: How Many U.S. Jobs Depend On Trade With Canada  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Predicting the Unpredictable

Soccer – at least the one played in Russia these days – is a notoriously low-scoring and hence one false decision, one dropped ball or one dislocated shoulder can decide the outcome of an entire season or tournament. Defying the game’s unpredictability, analysts from Goldman Sachs have developed a sophisticated statistical model in order to try to predict Germany’s successor as world champions. Who do you got this year?

Go here for even more World Cup infographics to share with guests & boost your staff’s soccer know-how. And don’t forget to visit our 2018 International Soccer Central guide to download the Group Play’s TV schedule and build some awesome traffic-driving soccer promotions.

Infographic: Predicting the Unpredictable | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: A major restaurant seafood supplier was accused of mislabeling fish.

Food fraud is a huge issue globally. It’s an even larger issue when it comes to restaurant, around 39% of which is fraudulent. To anyone unaware of what this means, seafood fraud is when someone sells one type of fish (usually a very cheap one) and calls it another (usually expensive) type. Pretty simple concept that can be relatively hard to spot, hence why it happens so often. 

The supplier in question, Sea To Table, has been accused of falsely advertising and mislabeling their fish after an investigation by the Associated Press. The AP’s report found Sea To Table had been marketing some fish as “local” or “wild caught” that were actually being farmed or illegally caught out-of-season. They even had sourced some fish from foreign suppliers known for appalling labor abuses and the poaching of sharks, whales, and dolphins. Of course, the company says they had no knowledge of this.

Seafood fraud is a massive issue in our industry. There aren’t a whole lot of ways to protect ourselves as operators or our customers from it. Seafood is notoriously difficult to trace back to its initial source. All we can do is try to buy whole fish instead of filets and work with suppliers we trust.



Why it matters to you: An Applebee’s-IHOP (IHOb) combo restaurant has opened.

In quite possibly the most middle-American move of all time,combination IHOP & Applebee’s  restaurant has opened in Michigan. The 12,000 square foot location has been in development for over two years and will have 300 seats and around 120 people on the payroll. Wow! This is the only hybrid of its kind and there are no plans to open any other beyond the one.

This likens back to what we said recently about there being no need for diners to have the choice to get every type of food at your restaurant. We should all take a hard look at our menus and consider really nailing a few specialty items as opposed to half-assing several dozen dishes. Think the Rome episode (or several others) of No Reservations where Bourdain goes to a neighborhood restaurant which specializes in cacio e pepe. People go there specifically to have that one dish not to sit down and then go “Ehhh, I wish they had tacos.” Signature dishes are what can truly set your establishment apart from the others.