Should Restaurant's Toss Guests' Salads?

These days there are countless fancy salad restaurants guests can spend between an arm or a leg on. Apparently these restaurants have been debating whether or not they should be chopping and tossing the ingredients for their guests. So, we figured we’d chime in on this issue. 

Very simple end to the debate here: let the guests decide. Options are key.

Anyone getting a $16 salad to-go deserves at least the vague delusion that they are getting what they are paying for. Part of that delusion is actually having their order chopped and tossed if they choose to have it served that way. Of course, the option should be presented at the very least prior. Some guests don’t want their salad pre-chopped, so they shouldn’t have to have it that way. These establishments deciding that chopping was ok and then choosing not to chop are risking losing regulars by this decision, people get very used to having their food their way so as an operator this is a relatively large risk to take with a well performing business.

Next, the BIG part of the debate: Well, certain ingredients shouldn’t be chopped and they aren’t doing it so we won’t

Now, we know that you aren’t supposed to chop some greens (what kind of monster would chop a spring mix?!), but the other ingredients absolutely should be as a way to disperse the ingredients for more even and flavorful bites. Certain lettuces are absolutely ok to chop (the romaines and icebergs of the world), but with the smaller, more delicate greens and herbs you should try to tamper with them as minimally as possible. That’s best to preserve their flavor profiles and not screw things up. 

Instead restaurants should continue to concentrate on the guest experience

Our solution? Why not improve the overall guest experienceby allowing them a choice? The option to choose is a major American building block. Your guests are already used to having a variety of options to choose from, so why change that up? Let’s allow our guests to have their salads chopped, whole, tossed, dressing on the side, or whatever else they’d like. 

We know that by allowing these options when other salad restaurants are not, you’re setting yourself apart as someone who cares about guests’ wants and needs. You’re also most likely would gain some customers from the major chains since they are too rigid in their policies about chopping and tossing. 

And one of your number one policies should be to giving everyone who walks through your door the ultimate guest experience